Last week's Traklight on Forbes series highlighted four fantastic tips on a startup's most valuable assets in Mary's blog titled "Should Startups Really Skip Legal Protection?

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For this week's Forbes post, Mary consulted Traklight's advisory board members Barbara Clarke and Nnamdi Okike, both with investment portfolios featuring startups, for tips on IP and strategy in early stage companies.

Barbara Clarke and Nnamdi Okike talk IP strategy

An early stage company reading it would find it useful to get an inside look from an investor's point of view towards IP strategy, tips, and horror stories they have to share. 

Barbara stresses this about companies with a limited idea of their IP strategy:

"Having patents, trademarks, and copyrights are only helpful if you have the resources to enforce them. It is naïve of companies to think that IP protection is the whole strategy. Creating an inventory and protecting your IP is just the start."

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