Last week's Traklight on Forbes series highlighted four fantastic tips on a startup's most valuable assets in Mary's blog titled "Advisory Board Members Talk IP And Investing In Early-Stage Companies".

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Mary Juetten recently attended the second annual SXSW V2V conference, where she participated on a panel that delved into startup funding and alternative sources of capital, as well as business tips and tricks from each of the panelists.

Securing funding for your startup can be challenging. Mary shares Traklight's story:

"We secured a large customer and then leveraged that first big account into a government-backed loan with personal collateral. That allowed us to then focus on product development and take our story out to raise money. Always be thinking of that next step in the leveraging process."

This story was to reinforce the importance of leverage as you self-fund, crowdfund, secure investments, etc. your way past the bootstrapping phase of your business finances and into a a successful, profitable business!

You can read of these SXSW panelists' startup alternative funding advice and more by visiting or click here to go straight to the article.

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