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In this interview, Mary Juetten features a niche-but-not-too-niche disruptive legal tech company called Valcu Inc. They handle startup incorporation at affordable prices with exactly what venture capitalists often want or require from businesses.

Here's an excerpt of the interview with Mark Oblad:

Juetten: What's the vision for your company? 

Oblad: There is significant amount of time, effort, and money that goes into negotiating and entering into financing transactions, granting options, obtaining valuations, reporting to stock and debt holders, and many other corporate tasks. In most cases, the process is routine, but involves lots of parties, project management, data entry, and in some cases unnecessary negotiation. The Valcu tools are designed to work with all stakeholders (founders and management, investors, attorneys, accountants, bankers, etc.) and streamline these processes as much as possible. We are rapidly integrating and simplifying work around the corporation to build the corporate complement to businesses current use of booking and financing software.

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