Jill, our COO, mentioned to me about a month ago that we should do something FUN for Traklight’s 1st birthday. We brainstormed a bit and came up with a few ideas: the usual balloons, cake, that sort of thing. But I wanted something that would carry on as a tradition with Traklight into the future – not just for Traklight’s many birthdays to come, but for individual Traker birthday’s as well!

I’m here today to share a newly implemented Traker tradition: the Traklight Birthday Hat. Now, this isn’t your normal birthday topper, or flimsy teepee-shaped paper party hat with silly streamers. No no. This here is the birthday hat to top (no pun intended) all birthday hats! This colorful velvet hat in the shape of a birthday cake and complete with candles on top, without a doubt, “takes the cake” (pun intended). From this day forward, each Traker’s special day will be celebrated with the wearing of the Traklight Birthday Hat! 

When I presented Mary with my present (the newly dubbed Traklight Birthday Hat) this morning and shared my thoughts for its future as part of Traker culture, she laughed and thought it was a brilliant idea.

I started with Traklight a little more than a month ago now, and man how time has flown! The collective energy at Traklight coupled with the positive attitude that radiates from every personality is so encouraging on a daily basis – and I know I speak for the other Trakers as well in saying that! For this reason, amongst many others, I am happy to congratulate Traklight with a great big HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!