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Intellectual Property Protection for Small Businesses

If you have a small business, you might think that your assets are limited to what you have on hand. But the reality is that you haven’t considerable intangible assets tied up in your business that you haven’t considered. If your business is just getting started, the overwhelming majority of your company’s value comes from your intellectual property (IP). But despite their importance, most small businesses don’t do enough to protect their IP because they don’t know enough about it. Here are a few basics to help you get started.

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How to Avoid Business Risk, Part 1

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed by the inordinate number of things that they have to do in a given day. It’s hard to find time for the little things, especially when you want to jump right in to big-picture tasks like product development or selling what you’ve created on the market. Often times, the seemingly minor details are lest to another day, as you tell yourself you’ll handle them once you have things under control. But these seemingly minor details, if left unattended, can pose a serious risk that could undermine your work in other areas. Here are ten ways you can address those risks before they overwhelm your business.

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Potential Legal Issues for Startups

When you’re starting your business, it’s natural to want to focus on the things that you want to do and accomplish and put some of the more tedious chores to the back-burner. You are the innovator, the dreamer, and what creative wants to be bogged down with the nitty-gritty of paperwork and forms and contracts? But in ignoring these details at the outset of your business, you could be placing your company’s long term future in jeopardy. Frequently, it isn’t the obvious threat that seems to be staring us in the face that does a business in, but a seemingly inconsequential oversight that can spell doom for a company. Here are some areas to pay attention to early, before they grow into larger problems.

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What You Don't Know About Business Formation

Small businesses and startups are often unaware of their blind spots when it comes to early stage business decisions. Putting it simply, many don’t know what they don’t know. Here are three key areas that every small business should address when getting your venture off the ground to avoid a crisis down the road.

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Tips for Running Your Small Business

As a small business, you have to approach things differently than larger companies in your field. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a disadvantage. While big businesses have considerable resources to draw from for projects, they can also be the victim of an entrenched mindset that can prevent new and innovative thinking. Here are some ways that small businesses can succeed at winning an unfair game.

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IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 10

Welcome back to the last installment of our "IP 101" series. It has been a unique pleasure to tackle these questions, and hopefully informative for those who have read them. Let's get into the final questions.

Can you have IP if you sell an existing product but marketing it differently than seen in the media?

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IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 7

Welcome back to our now long-running series "IP 101". In this edition, we'll run through a few more of the best questions we've received about intellectual property and your business.

Instead of a contract, can we just put the licensing/branding/copy right protection language in an email as the job may be small?

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Evolve Law Launches New Digital Community to Accelerate Adoption of Legal Technology

Law firms, legaltech companies and entrepreneurs join collaborative effort to kickstart innovation, showcase resources and share emerging technologies for the legal industry.
NEW YORK  (September 21, 2015) ­­ Evolve Law, an open membership organization focused on driving technology innovation and adoption in the legal industry, today announced the launch of its new online community and website, designed to promote collaboration between entrepreneurs and law firms and attorneys, and speed adoption of new technology.  There are 20 founding members of the Evolve Law community including Alt Legal; Avvo; Clio; CrowdLaw; CuroLegal; Domain Skate; Davis Wright Tremaine LLP; eBrevia; FactBox; Good2bSocial; Hire an Esquire; Hotshot Legal; IntheBenches; LawLytics; Legal Hero; NextGenJustice; Patdek; Privileged Communications; Traklight; and Valcu.
As part of its launch, Evolve Law will host two East Coast events: Boston Evolve Law: “Investment in Legal Technology” on Sept. 30, at Suffolk University Law School; and NYC Evolve Law: “Big Data in the Legal Industry” on Oct. 1 at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law.  To learn more,
First and foremost, our goal is to catalyze the exchange of ideas between legal technology developers and potential users by creating a vibrant and active digital community,” said Mary Juetten, co-founder of Evolve Law and CEO of Traklight.  “We believe that, working together, entrepreneurs, lawyers, in­-house counsel, law schools, law firms and legal service providers can significantly accelerate the pace of innovation in the industry.
"We are excited to be the first law firm to join Evolve Law's community," said Jay Hull, Davis Wright Tremaine’s Chief Innovation Officer. "Supporting those who are moving the legal profession forward by embracing and leveraging new technologies is important, and we look forward to others joining us."
"Leveraging technology as a tool to increase access to the law is what Avvo is all about, and we believe that technology adoption within the legal community is critical to improving access to legal services for people everywhere," added Dan Lear, Director of Industry Relations for Avvo.
As part of its online offerings, Evolve Law will expand its online Legal Tech ToolKit to showcase innovative products and serve as a resource for attorneys, firms and departments seeking to extend use of technology in their businesses and practices.  The growing marketplace also serves as a point of entry for startups and small technology companies introducing new approaches and ideas to the legal industry.
"It’s no secret that the legal industry has been slow to change," said Jules Miller, co-founder of Evolve Law and COO of Hire an Esquire. "By raising awareness of developing technologies, products and services, we can help the legal industry become more agile and move faster to keep up with business needs, other industries and most importantly, client demands."
About Evolve Law
Evolve Law is a membership­based organization specializing in driving innovation in legal technology. Founded in 2015 by Jules Miller of Hire an Esquire and Mary Juetten of Traklight, Evolve Law is building a community of legal industry innovators across the U.S. and Canada.  For more information on Evolve Law, please visit Read More

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 1

We often write and discuss what we here at Traklight believe to be the biggest or most common intellectual property (IP) and risk issues facing entrepreneurs, but such an endeavor is inherently presumptive. That's why it's great to hear real issues and questions that people are tacklihg in their businesses. During Mary's recent SCORE webinar "IP 101" attendees had so many questions there wasn't time to address them all in the allotted time. And as someone who was exceedingly reticent in school, I can safely say that for everyone who asked a question, there are those who shy away from asking for fear of embarrassment, of asking the dumb question. So for the benefit of those who prefer to get their answers from blogs and articles, I'll be answering those questions over a series of posts.

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