I woke up on April 4th and realized I had a podcast to do in the next 45 minutes. Through the power of Gmail search I pulled up the requirements—“Be prepared to talk about one problem you are having.” Just one?

I started by asking our CFO what he thought I should talk about and he gave a look that only your husband can give (because he is my husband). “You’re kidding me,” he said as he handed me my morning coffee. “All you talk about is how hard it is to explain Traklight’s value to the attorney market.”

I sat sipping my coffee and realized he was right.


Power of Networking
I have made it a habit to review people’s LinkedIn profiles before calls because I cannot remember everyone and also because I love thinking about how I met each person. As I prepped for the call with Brad Farris and Jill Salzman, I reviewed Jill’s LinkedIn profile and discovered she was a former lawyer. “Perfect!” I thought to myself. “I can get her perspective on marketing to attorneys.”

Jill lives in Chicago and was introduced to me by Rachel from San Diego, whom I met when I volunteered (back in the barter days) at the 2012 Women 2.0 conference in San Francisco. I did a podcast for Rachel and spent some time with her in San Diego this January.

The podcast flew by, and Brad and Jill were very funny and easy to work with. I was very happy to get Jill’s attorney perspective on my issue of how to best market to attorneys. We had been working at Traklight on the attorney sales process and messaging for about six months overall, and intensively over the past 90 days.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I literally dream about the sales steps, attorney calls, and demos. When I tossed my problem out to Jill, she simply recommended we make a video to walk attorneys through how to use the software. Needless to say, I had a bit of a "duh!" moment. The idea was genius!

Show not Tell
Our goal was to show the attorneys how we solve their pain of giving away a lot of free time just pre-qualifying clients. “The Michaels” (Witham and Willee) and I spent less than 30 minutes putting together the story board. Just figuring out what we were going to show was valuable in itself.

Once we had the script, we gathered the Trakers in their finest apparel and, with the help on our onsite videographer Greg and his trusty help Erica, we shot the entire footage in less than an hour.

We have since received rave reviews around the simplicity and clarity of the message. Creating this Traklight commercial forced us to examine our messaging in our calls-to-action, both on our website and in our collateral.

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