We are just coming up on the two week anniversary of our website launch of the new version 3.0 of the ID your IP and IP Vault. Since we ask our customers to continuously update their reports for all their newly protected IP and ideas, we believe in continuous change and monitoring of our own software tools.

If you have used our software, please do take the time to give us feedback. We love to see how our tools have helped and what we can do to improve.

Top questions so far:

Problems with Verification

As one of the older Trakers(okay, the oldest!), my eyesight is not great. When the verification code is entered into the top box, it is really hard to see. Several customers have typed over that and that will create an error. If you clear your browser cache and try again from the link in the email with the correct password, you should be good!

Upgrade in the Works: the verification code box will be locked.

I forgot my password!? will bring you to a new screen to enter your email address, which will generate a new verification code and allow you to choose a new password. Just remember if you do not see the email, check that pesky spam folder!

Where are my reports?

We are proud of how quickly our new reports generate but we have had some new customers question where are those reports!?

The little arrow beside your ID your IP report name has all three reports and is where you can update your reports for an entire year. Please see the screen shot.

Upgrade in the Works: Our VP of Technology will come up with something clever in the help section and our FAQs will have a fun video.

Keep the feedback coming!

Have a different question? Check out our FAQs. And purchase ID your IP today!