Previously in our Advisory Board Series we introduced Barbara Clarke, Social Entrepreneur.

It seems like I've known Jennifer for years because it has been years! Jennifer and I met in January 2010 when I was a law student at Arizona State University (ASU). I went to her with the initial idea for what is now ID your IP and she was intrigued enough to first mentor and then become our first advisor. Jennifer has been instrumental in guiding our early development and is a tireless supporter of Traklight.

Mary: In your opinion, what's the most exciting thing Traklight is working on in 2014?
Jennifer: The new Traklight software that can be embedded and interface with other programs and platforms.

M: What is something about you that would be a surprise to learn?
J: In my early 20s, I leveraged my French language skills to work in international sales for a large company that had one of the first digital recorders. I went on a whirlwind world tour and travelled literally around the globe in four days with meetings in Holland, Singapore, and so on. I stayed on LA time for the duration.

M: Any deep dark secrets that are past statute of limitations?
J: I am is still guilt-ridden over “borrowing” a candy bar as an eight year old.

M: If you were alone in the car by yourself, what song would you sing and why?
J: Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee" (A woman after my own musical taste, and an awesome song!).

M: What if anything have you learned about IP or startups from being on the Traklight Advisory Board?
J: As an IP attorney, I must say that enthusiasm like the enthusiasm of the Traklight Trakers can take you far.

We’ll take that, and thank you Jennifer for being on our Advisory Board!

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