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Musician Tries To Fix Copyright By Copyrighting All The Melodies

Quibi Accused of Patent Infringement Ahead of Launch

Netflix Sued by Broadcom Over Alleged Patent Infringement

The First Coronavirus Trademark Applications Are Coming, If You're Looking to Feel Worse

"This Land Is Your Land" Retains Copyright Protection, Remains Private Property

Patent Troll Owned By SoftBank Sues COVID-19 Test Creators

Fortnite Rolls Out Mute Feature to Combat Copyright Complaints

Hershey Takes Ex-Exec To Court Over Alleged Trade Secret Theft

Rockstar Wins Summary Judgment in Grand Theft Auto Cheat Copyright Case

Netflix Chooses Wrong, Loses Bid to Have $25 Million Copyright Lawsuit Tossed

MLS Loses Initial Argument in Inter Miami Trademark Lawsuit

The Sleeper Has Awoken: Dune Takes Aggressive Copyright Approach to Logo Leaks

Disney Backtracks in Lion King Copyright Case Against Elementary School

NFL Goes After Fan Shop With Parody Merch With Trademark Claim

Instagram Targets Github API copyright

Reminder: Use Your Trademarks or Risk Losing Them

YouTube's Copyright Reporting Problems Continue Apace

Former Coca-Cola Employee Absconds With Trade Secrets

Is Copyright Killing Music?

Fitbit Facing Investgation Into Patent Infringement From USITC

SCOTUS Hearing Case on Trademark Profits and Willful Intent

Someone Tried to Trademark Breakfast Burritos, Because Of Course

European Patent Office Rejects Application From Artificial Intelligence

YouTube Rolls Out Updates to Improve Copyright Claims Process

Cox Faces Staggering $1 Billion Verdict in Copyright Case

Jetflicks, iStreamItAll Founders Plead Guilty in Copyright Case

Disney Sued in Trademark Spat Over Frozen 2

T-Mobile Claims Trademark on "Magenta" in Dispute with Lemonade

Creators Take Novel Approach to Copyright Infringement from Bots

"OK Boomer" Begets Inevitable Trademark Applications

Copyright Lawsuit Against "Narcos" Ends in Summary Judgment

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Trademark

USPTO Seeking Input on AI Copyright Law

Supreme Court Also Taking On Google and Oracle Copyright Fight

"Spinal Tap" Creators Settle Lawsuit Over Song Rights

"Baby Yoda" GIFs Removed Over Copyright Concerns, Then Quickly Restored, Ending National Nightmare

Copyright Case Against Taylor Swift Heads Back to District Court

A Music Streaming Service on the Blockchain? What Could Go Wrong?

A Google Play Copyright Case: When Can We Blame Tools For How They're Used?

Monster Energy Pushes Trademark Case Against Small Root Beer Maker

TikTok to be Investigated for Copyright Theft?

Apple Finds Itself the Target of Patent Infringement Case

Does 'Terminator' Copyright Case Portend the Future of Film Rights?

The Business of Delivering Legal Services: Webinar Recap

Banksy Opens Shop to Fight Trademark Claim

"Comedians in Cars"Copyright Case Canned in Court

Amazon Launches IP Accelerator for Small Businesses

Google Drops News Links in France in EU Copyright Battle

The Copyright Battle Over Lost Interview Tapes

Air New Zealand Faces Potential Maori Boycott for Trademark Filing

Peloton Hit With Copyright Lawsuit From Music Publishers

Mercedes-Benz Seeks to Invalidate Artists' Copyright Claims for Instagram Ads

WeWork Has Trademark Payment Problem, In Addition to Every Other Problem

G.E. Aviation Targeted in Trade Secret Theft Plot

YouTube Hits Copyright Troll With Lawsuit

LeBron James Files Taco Tuesday Trademark

Amazon's New Audiobook Feature Draws Publishers' Ire

"Baby Shark" Heads to Court (Do do do do do do.)

Ohio State University Leans Into Reputation, Files for "The" Trademark

A Copyright Hoax Runs Wild

McDonald's Trademark Battle in Ireland

Lady Gaga Facing Copyright Claims For "Shallow"

The Future is Deepfakes. Can Copyright Save Us? (Probably Not.)

What's in a Name? Apparently $12 Million

The Battle Over CRISPR Patents

Liverpool F.C. Tries to Trademark...Liverpool?

Congress Contemplates Calamitous Copyright Law

Controversial Copyright Lawyer Faces Sanctions for Bad Behavior

Kimono Trademark Kerfuffle Draws the Attention of Japan

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Copyright for State Laws

YouTube Brings Changes to its Copyright Infringement Reporting

Mechanical Licensing Collective Chosen by USCO to Manage Digital Music Royalties

Cardi B Loses Bid to Trademark Catchphrase

Andy Warhol Estate Wins Copyright Case

Gigi Hadid Challenges Paparazzi Photo Ownership, and Copyright Law As Well

Carrie Underwood Facing Copyright Lawsuit for Sunday Night Football Theme

Adidas Loses Trademark Case in EU Court

Patent Troll Attorney Heads to Prison

Huawei Challenges Verizon Over Patent and Licensing Fees

Supreme Court Hears Copyright Case Against North Carolina

Kawhi Leonard Files Trademark Lawsuit Against Nike

Iron Maiden Sues Video Game Creators for Infringement

Poland Challenges New EU Copyright Laws

YouTube is the Latest Venue in an Ongoing Battle Over Copyright Protection

Supreme Court Rules in Trademark Licensing Case

Samsung and Huawei Settle Their Patent Dispute

Copyright Filters Mistakenly Catch Mueller Report

Adobe Users Could Face Copyright Claims Without Updates

The Need for Legal Advice for Startups

Supreme Court Copyright Ruling a Setback for Creators

Microsoft Offers Patents to Startups

Innovation is Helping Drive Golfers to Success

Potential Legal Issues Facing Startups, Part II

Potential Legal Issues Facing Startups

Lawgical: The Pros And Cons Of Bootstrapping Your Startup

Campbell's Wins Trademark for "Chunky" Soup

Mitigating Business Risk

Spotify's Expansion Into India Slowed Over Licensing Problems

Create A Solid Foundation for Your Business

Protecting your Innovation, Part 2

Protecting Your Innovation, Part 1

Fortnite Enters Legal Battle Royale Over Alleged Dance Theft

Disney's "Hakuna Matata" Trademark Faces New Scrutiny

Will I Be Liable for the Debts of a Business That I Inherit?

What Do I Do If My Business Has Financial Problems?

Tackling Your Biggest Business IP Risks

Your Business: How Reorganizing Can Keep You Doing What You Love

Protect Your IP in 2019

EU Cheese Copyright Case Probes the Idea of Taste

Nimbus Of Counsel Mary Juetten on the Lawyerist Podcast

Trademark Lawsuit Sees Scouts at Odds

USCO Creates Copyright Exemptions for Repairing Devices

Meet Mary Juetten of Traklight, Nimbus Legal

Mary Juetten Talks with Tom Martin on LawDroid Podcast

A Year Ago: The Path Less Traveled

5 Solutions to Common Legal Risks for Small Businesses

Bumble, Tinder Battle Over Trade Secrets

Nimbus Of Counsel Mary Juetten Discusses Legal Tech Entrepreneurship with Legal Tech Founder at Clio Con

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business, Part 2

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business, Part 1

The Business of Legal: The Data-Driven Law Practice by Nimbus Of Counsel Mary Juetten

EU Advances Controversial Copyright Laws

Avoiding IP Mistakes

Procter & Gamble File Trademarks for Texting and Social Media Acronyms

Disney Suffers Setback in Copyright and Trademark Lawsuit

KPIs: The Business of Legal

Vegas Golden Knights Settle Trademark Dispute With U.S. Army

CreativeFuture Looks To Protect Creativity in the Age of Piracy

Nintendo Files Copyright Suit Over Copied Games

YouTube Creator Accused of Copyright Infringement Against His Own Song

Tesla Contends With Potential Trade Secret Theft and Sabotage

Google Attempts to Patent Public Domain Algorithm

How The EU's Proposed Copyright Law Could Alter the Internet

The Value of Patents

Increase in Copyright Fees Could Have Creators Feeling the Pinch

Freelance Writers Win Copyright Suit Against Publishers

Using Creative Works to Grow Your Business

Copyright Lawsuit Against HBO Dismissed

Romance Novelist Turns Trademark Troll

Intellectual Property and the Challenges of Technology, Part Two

Intellectual Property and the Challenges of Technology, Part One

Major League Baseball Faces Patent Infringement, Trade Secret Theft Lawsuit

Use Signed Contracts and Agreements to Protect Your Company, Part 2

Use Signed Contracts and Agreements to Protect Your Company, Part 1

Protecting Your Ideas on a Budget

The Next Step in the Evolution

Is Copyright Automatic?

In Chicago – Major strides forward for women in legal tech

Students Lose IP Rights in Art and Writing Contest

Maximize Your Clients' IP Value, Part Two

Maximize Your Clients' IP Value, Part One

Mary Juetten hopes legal software can help improve access-to-justice problems (podcast)

Darwin Challenge: Defending Technology Adoption

Grumpy Cat Wins Copyright Suit, Remains Displeased

Ten Startup IP Mistakes, Part Two

Ten IP Startup Mistakes, Part One

Three Ways to Protect Your IP

Spotify Faces Another Copyright Lawsuit

Have Success With Your Business in 2018

Get Organized in the New Year

Avoid Haunting IP Mistakes

Keep Your Intellectual Property Safe

Access To Justice Requires Law School Reform

New Lawyers and Technology - The Changing Culture of Legal Practice

A Closer Look at Collections

Two nonprofit companies that are bridging the access-to-justice gap with tech

Access to Justice through Technology

The Future of Legal Tech

How can technology solve our access to justice crisis?

Social Hour Darwin Talks at 2017 MNSB Tech Conference

The Importance of Knowledge Management

Data & Analytics in the Law

Talking Tech Savvy In-House Counsel in Silicon Valley

Legal Technology and Smart Contracts: Contract as Automaton (Part V)

Legal Technology and Smart Contracts: Blockchain & Smart Contracts (Part IV)

Legal Technology and Smart Contracts: Open Source and Industry Source (Part III)

Legal Technology and Smart Contracts: Contract Construction (Part II)

Legal Technology and Smart Contracts: Contracts as Code, Part 1

Spotify Faces Copyright Lawsuits

Have Success With Your Small Business

Learning From Failure

Keep Your Business Safe This Summer

Uber Fires Top Employee Amidst Google Lawsuit

Do Your Research Before You Innovate

PayPal Sues Pandora for Trademark Infringement

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Patent Trolls

IP Ownership Rights: Protecting Your Work When Hiring Independent Contractors

In House Tech-Savvy Counsel

Traklight Featured on the Avnet MakerSource Podcast

Identifying Business Risk

Tech Savvy In-House Legal

Why Traklight is Partnering with LegalShield

Alternative Legal Business Models

Legal Issues for the Startup

Evolve Law Summit: Strategic Partnerships

Technology and Legal Plans

Evolve Law Summit: Venture Capital and Angel Investment

The Evolution of Arizona Funding

What Business Assets You Need to Protect

The Go-To Guide for Pitching Angel Investors

Tech Savvy In-House Counsel

Culture and Intellectual Property

Know the Rules for Fair Use

Small business funding options: Angel investing, equity fundraising, crowdfunding & startup loans

Form an IP Strategy

Bridging the Technology Gap in Law

Title III Crowdfunding for Real, Part II

Sort Out Potential Legal Issues For Your Business Early

Sidestepping Common Startup Mistakes

Have a More Productive 2017

Nokia and Apple in Legal Standoff

Talking Key Performance at Law Launcher

Address Key Business Formation Issues from the Start

Beyond Infringement to Rights Monetization

Iceland Looks to Challenge Trademark on Its Own Name

Get Ready for the New Year

Tackling Security for your Law Firm

Running a home office? Be sure to claim these tax breaks

Crowdfunding in a Day

IP Mistakes from Small Businesses, Part II

Why big banks are going ‘all in’ on small business

IP Mistakes for Small Businesses

Ohio State Defends Against Trademark Infringement

Think About the Future

Supreme Court Considers Fashion Copyrights

Avoid Legal Disputes to Keep Your Business on Track

Can TV Spoilers Violate Copyright?

Make Sure You Own Your Work

Lucasfilm Looks to Shut Down Lightsaber School

Have Agreements in Place to Protect Your Business

RIAA Takes on Website Over Stream Ripping

Set a Foundation for Your Business

Avoid Failure to Launch: Part VI

IP Mistakes from Small Businesses

Avoid Failure to Launch: Part V

Small Law Firm KPIs: How to Measuer Your Way to Greater Profits

Avoid Failure to Launch: Part IV

Does Your Small Business Need a Patent?

Avoid Failure to Launch: Part III

Patent Infringement Case Between Cisco and Arista Presses Forward

Avoid Failure to Launch: Part II

Internet Provider Penalized In Copyright Violation Cases

Run Your Small Business Effectively

Avoid Failure to Launch: Part 1

What Issues Do Startups Face? Part Two

What Issues Do Startups Face?

Stephen Colbert in Intellectual Property Dispute with Viacom

Social Media Offers  Limited Remedies for Trademark Infringement

Intellectual Property and the Challenges of Technology, Part 2

Intellectual Property and the Challenges of Technology

Olympics Add Trademark Gripes to List of Problems

Measuring Value Beyond the Billable Hour

Electronic Freedom Foundation Goes to Court Over Digital Millenium Copyright Act

Expansion Franchise Runs Into Trademark Issues in Las Vegas

Italian Festival In Trouble for Improper Attribution

Intellectual Property 101: How To Leverage Intangible Value

Citigroup and AT&T Locked in Trademark Battle

AZ Great Code Challenge Launches Version 2.0

Tips for Protecting Your Business's Intellectual Property

Mitigate Risk with Partnership and Contractor Agreements

Protecting Your Big Ideas, Part 2

Domain Names, Trademarks, and Intellectual Property - Oh My!

Protecting Your Big Ideas, Part 1

5 Keys to a Successful Business Launch

Google Wins Key Decision in API Fair Use Case

The First Two Steps to Starting a Business

Traklight and Evolve Law?

The Value of Patents at Different Stages of a Startup

Rock Band Upsets Cartoon Creator With Potential Copyright Infringement

FORBES Update - Failing Gracefully: The CaseRails Journey

President Obama Signs Defend Trade Secrets Act

Phoenix Business Journal Update: Valley Tech Companies Need Less Networking, More Action

My Reflections on Collision Conference

Forbes Update - Startups are Personal, Part VIII: Protect Your Intellectual Property From the Start

Supreme Court Rejects Fair Use Challenge Against Google Books

Law Technology Today Update - Group Legal Services Association’s Annual Educational Conference

Facebook Introduces Rights Manager to Combat Infringement

FORBES Update: Build It and They May Not Come

Co-founders Argue Over Acquisition Payout

Law Technology Today Update: If The Shoe Fits, Get One in Every Color

Big Bang or Big Bust?

FORBES Update: Funding the Startup Dream

Inbound Marketing: You Can Do It Too!

FORBES Update: What You Need To Know About Upcoming Changes To Crowdfunding Legislation, Part II

Why Monitoring Your Trademarks is a Good Idea

Forbes Blog: Ready, Steady, Go: Get Prepared For JOBS Act Title III Crowdfunding, Part 1

Batmobile Avoids Appeal in Copyright Case

Sixty Days to Launch: Are You Ready?

Google Copyright Takedown Requests Increase Yet Again

Legal Innovation: Trends & Ethics from Different Perspectives

Why Don't Small Businesses Protect Their Intellectual Property?

Don’t Risk it All! Tips for Maximizing Value

Warner Music Reaches Settlement over "Happy Birthday" Lawsuit

Investment in Legal Technology

Three Tips on Fundraising from a VC Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur

Subcommittee Sends Trade Secrets Bill to Senate Floor

Apple Loses to Patent Troll in Court Rematch

IP Diligence in a NY Minute

What's Up with the Pace of Legal Tech Adoption?

CBS and Paramount Issue Prime Directive to Stop Star Trek Fan Film

Building the Legal Startup

Big Bang Theory Facing Copyright Lawsuit

From The Trenches: The Legal Tech Fundraising Battle

Chinese Scooters Raided at CES for Patent Infringement

3 Mistakes Business Owners Need To Avoid

Webinar Follow-up: Why You Should Care About Your IP, Part 2

Webinar Follow-up: Why You Should Care About Your IP, Part 1

Spotify Up Against Class Action Suit for Copyright Infringement

Protect Your Intangible Assets in the New Year

4 Ways Profitable Business Can Avoid Cash Flow Problems

Twitter Tries to Trademark "Subtweet"

Content Marketing: How Your Startup Can Become an Authority

Startup Intellectual Property Mistakes

Addressing Risk in Your Business

Intellectual Property Protection for Small Businesses

Intellectual Property Mistakes Startups Make

How to Avoid Business Risk, Part 2

How to Avoid Business Risk, Part 1

Potential Legal Issues for Startups

Dressing Up Legal Services: Bespoke Suits Are Not For Everyone

What You Don't Know About Business Formation

Find Twenty to Delight, Not Two Hundred to Spam

Tips for Running Your Small Business

Five Tips on Starting, Growing and Funding A Legal Tech Company

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 10

Woohoo!: Title III Final Rules Before Halloween II

How to Prepare to Finance or Sell your Company: Webinar Roundup

Darwin Law #1: There’s No Such Thing as Big Data in the Legal Industry

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 9

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 8

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 7

Woohoo!: Title III Final Rules Before Halloween

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 6

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 5

98% of Trademarks in the U.S. Are Never Registered

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 4

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 3

Evolve Law Launches New Digital Community to Accelerate Adoption of Legal Technology

Stop, Collaborate and Listen: Three Darwinian Actions for the Legal Industry Evolution

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 2

IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 1

What IP Isn't: A Quick Reference Guide

Tips For Running Your Small Business

Protect Your Intangible Assets

Legal Protection for Your Business Idea

How the SaaS Business Model Increases Company Valuations

Incorporating Your Business: Corporation vs. S-Corporation vs. LLC

LifeLock in IP Battle With Former Employee

What I Learned About Human Resources from My Webinar with Trinet

The Road to Success: How Intangible Assets Are Essential for a Business

How Can Marketers Be Better at their Jobs? Add Intellectual Property to Your Knowledge Bank

How to Avoid Business Risk

Protect Your IP from Being Stolen

Don't Get Overwhelmed By These Start-up IP Issues

Be Prepared: Due Dilligence

Top Startup Myths #10: IP Is For Tech Companies Only

Crowdfunding Compilation

Practice Safe Crowdfunding, Part IV: Create a Pitch

Innovation Myths Debunked

Practice Safe Crowdfunding, Part III: Build Social Capital

Guest Blog: Three Reasons Your Patent Translations May Be Inaccurate – and Why It May Potentially Cost You Millions

Top Startup Myths #9: Bookkeeping is for Big Companies Only

Capture. Leverage. Grow.

#FFF: One Month Later

Data Security Apparently Not "The Cardinal Way"

Practice Safe Crowdfunding, Part II: Picking a Platform

Top Startup Myths #8: Open Source Code Has No Restrictions

Practice Safe Crowdfunding, Part 1: First Identify and Protect

Silicon Valley Shows the Consequences of Early-Stage Mistakes

Top Startup Myths #7: No One Cares If I Use This Picture

Top Startup Myths #6: Domain Name Is the Same as Trademark

XLR8 - Intelligently Connecting Entrepreneurs

Top Startup Myths #5: Crowdfund First, Protect Later

#phxfff Inaugural Female Founders' Forum

Webinar Recap: Is Your Business at Risk? 10 Tips to Manage Risk and Maximize Value

Top Startup Myths #4 - There's No Difference Between Employees and Contractors

Modern Lawyers Making Quality Content | Legal Link Love

Startup Myth #3: We Will Be Co-Founders Forever

What Pied Piper Could've Done to Avoid a Lawsuit

The Real Bottom Line: Making Your Intangible Assets Work For Your Business

Startup Myth #2: We Can Patent All of Our Ideas

Introducing Our Improved Questionnaire

Startup Myth #1 - Paperwork Is For After We Go To Market

Proper Citation Needed

Need Venture Capital? IP Assets Are Critical.

Stay Sane and Productive in a Startup Environment

Why Should I Identify My Intangible Assets?

Bottoms Up! An Interview with Kit Lab founder Ryan Sanders

Avoiding Overwhelming Startup Issues

Traklight Tests X | Bridge Optix Review

5 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Starting Up

Amazon Unveils New Marketplace for Small Businesses

Introducing Our Free Business Risk Assessment

Small Business Optimism: On the Rise

How Could 64% of Businesses Neglect This One Valuable Asset?!

Forbes + Phoenix Startup Week Recap: February 2015

Introducing the TAG: Traklight Assessment Grade

Marshawn Lynch Appreciates You Asking About His Trademark Application

Is the Media Taking Advantage of Your Ignorance of Copyright?

Katy Perry Copyright Case Jumps The Shark

Network Marketing Female Entrepreneurs: What is IP for a Solopreneur?

Crowdfunding Bill Introduced in Arizona Legislature

Time Is Money: Startups Race Too Fast

What is IP for a creative type?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's...Thermostat Patent? | Allure Energy's IP

3 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Creating an IP Strategy

Hitting 10 Common IP Myths Like a Wrecking Ball

Grand Jeté to Grand Jury | Jordan Trademark Jeopardized

3 Effective Ways to Safeguard Your Ideas

What's Hindering US Small Businesses from Protecting Their IP?

How Do Measures Against Online Piracy Actually Measure Up?

What Does Intellectual Property Mean for Small Business?

If My Intellectual Property Is Stolen Overseas, What Happens Next?

A Video Game Trademark Snafu

Announcing Traklight's Updated Website + New Brand

Worst IP Mistakes in 2014, Part 3

A Day Off From Intellectual Property?

Is This Browser Extension Violating Copyright?

Worst IP Mistakes in 2014, Part 2

9 Differences Between DBA Names and Trademarks

A True Crowdfunder's Nightmare: The Importance of Safe Crowdfunding

Have a Happy New Year, from Traklight

To License or Assign? An Intellectual Property Conundrum

Traklight 2014 in Review

Newly Filed Pricing Patent Helps One, Hurts Another | Uber vs Lyft

Have a Wonderful Holiday from Traklight

The Worst IP Mistakes Made in 2014, Part 1

Top 10 Intellectual Property Startup Mistakes

New Traklight eCommerce System is Live, Just in Time for the Holidays

Confessions of a Business Owner | 3 Lessons Learned in 2014

What makes Traklight's IP Vault different from other cloud storage?

Top 3 Intellectual Property Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

How Hard is It to File a Patent Application?

3 Common Plagiarism Misconceptions and the Relationship to IP

3 Intellectual Property Tips for Your Startup

Brand Recognition: The Intangible Asset Supporting Your Business

IP Strategy For Startups

Current News In Startup World | Links We Love

Forbes Update: Crowdfunding Update

How to Acquire Secondary Meaning for Your Trademark

Sony's Copyrighted Material Leaked, Possibly by North Koreans

From #Instagood to #Instabad and Back to #Instagood Again

Cyber Monday Deal Extended: Save $140 on ID your IP!

9 Free Creative Resources for Businesses

Bat Your Lashes at this DC Comics Trademark Infringement Case

Happy Thanksgiving from Traklight!

A Brief History of Early IP Law

Intellectual Property Rights: The 3D Printing Industry

What Types of Inventions Are Patentable?

Software Copyright Infringement | Oracle Vs. Google

Forbes Update: Disrupting the Legal Industry

How to Protect Your Invention without Breaking the Piggy Bank

Beware of Copyright Infringement when Photographing the Eiffel Tower

We Are LA Tech at General Assembly

Your Wireless Carrier is Indebted to a U of M Professor's Innovation

Forbes Update: Tips for Nontrepreneurs™

Crowdfunding Update: Equity Crowdfunding Is Still In A Holding Pattern

A Veteran of Intellectual Property Law: Lysander Spooner

Specialized Intellectual Property Courts to be Established in China

What's Going On Between Thicke and Gaye? | Copyright Infringement Case

Forbes Update: Equity Crowdfunding Still in a Holding Pattern

Understand the Different Types of Trademarks before Registering Yours

Startups Are Crucial to Net Job Growth in the US

Star Wars Director is After a Beer Brewery in Trademark Suit

Thank You to My Team

Forbes Update: Combat Your Fear of Non-Practicing Entities

Intellectual Property Horror Stories

Happy Birthday Traklight: Into the Terrible Twos*

Prioritized Patents: Do They Only Help Companies like Google?

Testing Inventions in Public Without Ruining Your Patent Chances

Intellectual Property Rights And Your Impending Doom

Forbes Update: CodeX Demo Event on Legal Technology

Xerox, Monopoly, & Pepsi: A Motivational History Lesson for Inventors

One Shoe to Rule them All: Converse All-Star's Trademark Dispute

Intellectual Property for Musicians: Types of Royalties in Music

3 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Intellectual Property

Data Security: Are Your Files Secure?

Forbes Update: Start Small and Have a Big Impact with Your Business

Be Smart About Licensing your Intellectual Property

Hey Small Business Owners: How Is Intellectual Property Defined?

You Don't Know What You Don't Know About Intellectual Property

Introducing the Business of Legal

Why It's Important to Own the IP Rights to Your Work: Marvel vs. Kirby

Forbes Update: An Entrepreneurial Journey of Being First to Market

Do you have an Intellectual Property Story to Share?

Driving with the Fear While Running a Startup

Protecting your Inventions: Utility vs. Design Patents

Indian Prime Minister Proposes Intellectual Property Changes

Attention Entrepreneurs: How To Protect Your Ideas

Welcome to Hollywood: Where the Streets Have...Intellectual Property?

Forbes Update: Pay Attention to Innovation and Intangibles

Traklight Tech Talks: ID your IP Enhancements

Webinar Recap: Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship

Meet Eric, Traklight's Intern

Are Pictures Of Money Copyrighted?

Traklight Founder Discusses 5 Trademark Tips with MSNBC

Intellectual Property Flowchart for Startups

"I'm In": Why Entrepreneurs Use Patents

Add Trademarks to the "Trill" List

Forbes Update: 7 Tips For Thought Leadership On A Startup Budget

Eminem and Iggy Azalea Out for Blood: Copyright Infringement

Webinar Announcement: Taking the Plunge into Entrepreneurship

What a Hacker Taught Me about Intellectual Property

Protect Your Idea or Invention without Breaking the Bank

Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Malcolm Gladwell at #INBOUND14

Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights: Protection v. Free Speech

Forbes Update: 5 Tough Lessons From Fundraising

Intellectual Property Theft: From Trade Secrets to Non-Protected Media

Mary's Recap of Guy Kawasaki at INBOUND'14

A Beginners Intro to Protecting Intellectual Property: Trademarks

Meet Erik, Traklight's Intern

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 20

TwitPic Learns a Trademark Lesson the Hard Way

Forbes Update: INBOUND14 And Intellectual Property

Disney And DJ Locked In Trademark Dispute Over Mouse Logo

To #Foodporn or Not to #Foodporn: Chefs, Food Photography, and IP

What Architects and Engineers Need to Know about Intellectual Property

Yes, Movie Piracy Is a Form of Intellectual Property Theft

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 19

Crowdfunding Discussion on Arizona Horizon Eight

Forbes Update: Words Of Wisdom From Entrepreneurship Coach

Ice Bucket Challenge Trademark Controversy

Webinar Recap: Patent Do's and Don'ts for Startups

IP Vault Best Practices: Manage and Store your Data

How Risk in Business Can Be A Good Thing

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 18

Protecting Intellectual Property as a Startup

Forbes Update: 5 CEOs Talk Innovation And Commercialization

Trademark Infringement on the Big Screen?

4 Ways To Obtain Legal Protection For Intellectual Property

IP Best Practices: Being Prepared and Organized Is Important, Step 10

Trademarks and Blue Jays v. Bluejays.

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 17

Do I Have Intellectual Property? What's Missing & Should Be Protected

Forbes Update: JOBS Act and Crowdfunding: Will They Finally #ReleaseTheRules?

Who Owns the Copyright On An Animal Selfie?

AZ Innovativation Summit 2014 Recap and My Experience

IP Best Practices: Don't Infringe on IP Rights of Others, Step 9

Artist Sues Pet Toy Company Over Angry Birds Trademark

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 16

Learn How to Crowdfund (and More) at the 3rd Annual GCCB

Forbes Update: 5 Ways To Be The Savvy Entrepreneur Investors Look For

Unzipping the Trade Dress

Trade Dress: IP's Lesser Known Member

IP Best Practices: Regular Intellectual Property Audits, Step 8

Do You Want to Register Trademarks without an Attorney?

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 15

Trademark Suit Ensues Between Soccer Star and US Man

Forbes Update: Alternative Startup Funding From SXSW V2V

3 Ways to Protect Your Idea from Being Stolen

Meet Chris, Traklight's Developer

Small Business IP Protection Against Overseas Theft

IP Best Practices: Discover Employee Created IP, Step 7

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 14

Trademark Infringement Battle of the Comic-Cons

Forbes Update: Advisory Board Members Talk IP Strategy

Bose v. Beats: Noise Cancellation Giants in Patent Infringement Suit

Traklight Tech Talks: IP Vault Enhancements, Part 2

IP Best Practices: Well-Drafted Agreements, Step 6

Protect Against Ex-Employee Intellectual Property Theft

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 13

Snapchat Files Trademarks as Part of IP Protection Strategy

Forbes Update: Should Startups Really Skip Legal Protection?

Glee Not Happy about Losing Trademark Dispute in Britain

Meet Maddie, Traklight's Marketing Specialist

IP Best Practices: Limit Access to Sensitive Information, Step 5

Using Copyright Law to Protect Intellectual Property

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 12

LOT Network to Protect Intellectual Property Against Patent Trolls

Forbes Update: The ABC's of Intellectual Property

Copyrights in Technology: SoundCloud Equity Deal to License Music

How Can Small Business Fight Intellectual Property Theft?

IP Best Practices: Code of Conduct as a Means of IP Protection, Step 4

How to Protect an Idea without a Patent

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 11

Trademarks in Media: Tyler Perry Wins Mark For "What Would Jesus Do"

Forbes Update: Crowdfunding and IP Tips from an Entrepreneurial Attorney

Trademarks in Business: Black Is Not the New Green

Startup Advice: The Pros and Cons of Working Remotely

IP Best Practices: Managing Intellectual Property, Step 3

Streamlining the Search Process for Trademark Registration

Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 10

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