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Cloudflare Wins Summary Judgment in Copyright Case

Evel Knievel's Estate Loses Trademark Suit Against Disney

Clint Eastwood Wins Judgment Over Misuse of Name and Likeness

Failed Startup Resurrected to File Patent Infringement Suits?

Copyright Case Highlights the Risks of Stock Photos

Gin Maker Faces Trademark Opposition From Red Bull

Model Sues Twitter Over Copyright Infringement By Algorithm

University of Kentucky Opposed Trademark Filing From State of Kentucky

Marvel Tries To Stop Copyright Termination On Iconic Characters

Judge Rules Against AI as an Inventor in Patent Case

Non-Profit TV Service Shuts Down Upon Losing Copyright Case

Disney's Expiring Copyright Gives Rise to 'Famous Mouse' Token

Who Owns The Copyright On The Moon?

Creator of Pepe the Frog Uses Copyright to Shut Down NFT Project

Cannabis Company Facing Copyright Suit From Sacha Baron Cohen

Sony Music Takes On Gymshark Over Infringement In Ads

Record Labels Take On Charter Communication Over Copyright Infringement

Milio Tokens:  Creating Economy for the Social Generation

Cleveland Guardians Hit Trademark Snag: The Other Cleveland Guardians

GM Alleging Trademark Infringement From Ford Over 'Cruise' Feature

Gmail to Use Trademarked Logos For Email Authentication

Apple Wins Trademark Case Over 'Memoji' Feature

The Newest Olympic Event: Copyright Hammer Toss

Nintendo Wins Judgment in Infringement Case, Gets Nothing

Disney's Loki Trademarks Draw Criticism From Fans

Oatly Pursues Trademark Case Against Family Farm

College QB Files First Trademark Under New NCAA Guidelines

Supreme Court Ruling Curbs Patent Appeal Board Judges' Power

EU Sides With YouTube in Copyright Infringement Challenge

Washington Football Team Loses Trademark Bid For 'Washington Football Team'

Will Suns Fever Bring Copyright Concerns?

Music Publishers Sue Roblox Over Alleged Copyright Infringement

EU's Copyright Filters Fail to Protect Users

Cleveland's MLB Team Files Trademark Challenges To Potential Names

Spurious Copyright Case Against Netflix, 'Outer Banks' Dismissed

Instagram Faces Copyright Suit Over Embed Policy

Banksy Loses Trademark Bid In EUIPO Case

Are Copyright Filings Spoiler Material?

Rockstar Games Loses DMCA Bid To Take Down Recreated GTA Source Code

Candy Maker Goes After Infringement Case For THC Knockoffs

IBM To Offer NFTs For Patents

Nirvana Faces Copyright Infringement Suit

Company Employs New Approach To Patent Troll Fight

Walmart Files Opposition to Kanye West's Trademark Application

Ocean Spray Gets Cease & Desist For Using Its Own Trademarks

Choreographer Creates Studio For Copyrighting Dance Moves

Patent Waivers For COVID Vaccines May Not Be Enough

Screenwriters Try To Reclaim 'Predator' Copyright From Disney

Shoe's On The Other Foot: Nike Sued For Trademark Infringement

Ice Cube Expresses Himself With Trademark Suit Aimed At Robinhood

Why Won't Amazon Let Libraries Lend Its e-Books?

Zoom Takes Up Trademark Case Against Long-Time Partner

Peleton Challenges Trademarks on Spin and Spinning

'Breakfast at Tiffany's' Reboot Runs Into Copyright Suit

Intel Staring Down $2.28 Billion Patent Infrigement Judgment

Apple Loses $308 Million Patent Infringement Case

Supreme Court Sides With Google In API Copyright Case

So That's It? Taylor Swift, Evermore Park Drop Lawsuits

Lil Nas X's Controversial Shoes Draw Trademark Suit From Nike

Colleges Shutting Down Virtual Tours on Trademark Grounds

The NCAA Owns "March Madness". Why Can't The Women's Tournament Use It?

Taylor Swift Files Suit Against Evermore Over Unlicensed Songs

Monster Energy Goes After Another Small Business Over Trademarks

NCAA Goes After Urologists In Trademark Case

Metallica Has Twitch Performance Dubbed For Playing Metallica Songs

First Do No Harm: Patents In The Age of Vaccines

Colorado Roofers Run Into Trouble With Vodka Makers

Rose Bowl Trademark Battle Promises Better Contest Than Actual Game

Taylor Swift in Trademark Dispute With Evermore Park

Call of Duty Hit With Another IP Lawsuit

Trademark Caution Delays Cleveland Name Change

Does Article 17 Do More Harm Than Good?

Google Reaches Deal With French Publishers Over Copyright Payments

SCOTUS Declines Trademark Case Involving Dog Toy

Family of Jimi Hendrix Battles Over Trademark Rights

Apple Loses Appeal to Set Aside Patent Infringement Verdict

MLS Loses Appeal Over "Inter" Name

Minaj, Chapman Settle Copyright Case

LeBron James Adds Trademark Blocking to Repertoire

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts Locked In Trademark Conflict

Star Trek/Dr. Seuss Mashup Found To Be Not Protected By Copyright Law

French Environmental Groups Seek To Gain Use of Planet Trademark

Discarded Brands Might Return, But Should They?

Happy Belated Public Domain Day!

F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Loses Trademark Appeal in EU Court

Streaming Site Liable For Copyright Infringement of Users

New Proposed Law Would Make Copyright Violations a Felony

Frank Sinatra, Come On! AI Bot Song Covers Get Copyright Complaint From YouTube

Copyright Issues Keep Chrysler Building Out Of Spider-Man Game

Copyright Reform Slated To Be Added to Spending Bill

St. Louis Gun Couple In Copyright Fight With Photographer

Oatly Misses Out On Trademark for Obvious Claim

Online Anti-Cheating Tool Proctorio Uses DMCA TO Silence Critics

Zapier and Zoom In Trademark Scuffle Over Zaps

RIAA Makes DMCA Claims Against Github Over Video Download Software

TV Reboot Draws Copyright Claim From Original Writer

Twitch Offer No Explanation To Users For DMCA Takedowns

Nintendo Shuts Down Fan-Made Zelda Game on Copyright Grounds

Rockstar Games Throws Trademark Opposition at Ax Throwing Business

Photographer's Copyright Case Against Tennis Website Misses The Mark

Facebook Using Trademark To Shut Down Critics

Patent Judge In West Texas Opens Court To Patent Trolls

Artist Faces Opposition From Hugo Boss Over Trademark

Bill Murray and the Doobie Brothers Trade Jokes Over Licensing Dispute

Nirvana Copyright Case Gets Added Wrinkle With New Ownership Claim

Monster Energy Pressures Video Game Creator Into Renaming Title

Tesla and Nikola Spar Over Patent Origins

Daimler Could Face Sales Ban Over Patent Suit

Another Creator Hit With Copyright Takedown Over His Own Work

McDonald's Takes Aim At Australian Chain's "Big Jack" Burger

VidAngel Copyright Suit Settlement Ends "Filtering" Debate

Nicki Minaj Offers Experimentation Defense In Copyright Lawsuit

Costco Wins Appeal of Trademark Case Brought By Tiffany & Co.

TikTok Faces Copyright Lawsuit As Woes Mount

Fortnite Creators Sued For Trademark Infringement Over Map

Google Saved In Genius Lawsuit By Copyright Considerations

Instagram Facing Trademark Lawsuit Over New Reels Feature

Prepear's Fortunes Go Pear-Shaped With Apple Trademark Objections

Taylor Swift Alters Logo to Avoid Trademark Infringement

Ferrari Loses Its Trademark Rights To Iconic Car

DMCA Copyright Trolls Get In On The Automation Game

Japan's Twitter Users Liable For Retweets That Violate Copyright Law

Star Trek Comic Con Panel Taken Offline For Copyright Protection Glitch

Former Waymo Employee Sentenced In Trade Secret Theft Case

TikTok Adds Patent Lawsuit To Its Woes

Will Trademarks Derail Washington's Name Change?

Can You Trademark An Area Code?

Country Band And Blues Singer Dispute Right to "Lady A" Name

Police Agency Uses Copyright Claim To Avoid Transparency Law

Netflix Facing Lawsuit Over Sherlock Holmes Portrayal

Call of Duty Wins Case Over Trademark Use on First Amendment Grounds

Will Intellectual Property Destroy The Planet?

UFC Trademarks UFSEA, With An Assist From John Oliver

In-N-Out Presses Trademark Case in Australia, Without Actual Restaurants

Twitch To Delete Clips Automatically Over Copyright Claims

Marvel Faces Trademark Fight Over WandaVision Series

Netflix's Space Force is Winning The Trademark Race

Internet Archive Facing Copyright Lawsuit Over Unauthorized Lending

The Cannabis Industry Is Moving Into Patents

Even In A Pandemic, Copyright Bots Don't Rest (Or Learn)

U.S. Copyright Office Report Pushes Changes To DCMA That Would Favor Rightsholders

Tiger King Offers Insight Into The Flaws of Copyright Law

National Geographic Wins Trademark Case Over "Untamed" Documentary

Is the Patent Office Awarding Too Many Patents?

NYU Law's Copyright Panel Gets Copyright Claim on YouTube

USPTO Creates Patent Database to Aid COVID-19 Licensing

Mashable Wins Copyright Case Over Embedded Post

Should Copyright Be Eternal? UNESCO Seems To Think So

Michael Jordan Wins Trademark Case in China

Medical Technicians and IP Law

Disney's Tweet Claims Raise Copyright Questions

Tesla, Zoox Settle Trade Secrets Lawsuit

3M Sues Counterfeit N95 Mask Seller for  Trademark Infringement

Online Education Exposes the Flaws of Copyright Law

Amazon Wins Trademark Duspute Over Third Party Infringement

Coronavirus Trademark Scams Pose Risk for Businesses and Consumers Alike

NBA2K Makers Win Summary Judgment in Copyright Case

Comedian Changes Name to Protest Trademark Misuse

Musician Tries To Fix Copyright By Copyrighting All The Melodies

Quibi Accused of Patent Infringement Ahead of Launch

Netflix Sued by Broadcom Over Alleged Patent Infringement

The First Coronavirus Trademark Applications Are Coming, If You're Looking to Feel Worse

"This Land Is Your Land" Retains Copyright Protection, Remains Private Property

Patent Troll Owned By SoftBank Sues COVID-19 Test Creators

Fortnite Rolls Out Mute Feature to Combat Copyright Complaints

Hershey Takes Ex-Exec To Court Over Alleged Trade Secret Theft

Rockstar Wins Summary Judgment in Grand Theft Auto Cheat Copyright Case

Netflix Chooses Wrong, Loses Bid to Have $25 Million Copyright Lawsuit Tossed

MLS Loses Initial Argument in Inter Miami Trademark Lawsuit

The Sleeper Has Awoken: Dune Takes Aggressive Copyright Approach to Logo Leaks

Disney Backtracks in Lion King Copyright Case Against Elementary School

NFL Goes After Fan Shop With Parody Merch With Trademark Claim

Instagram Targets Github API copyright

Reminder: Use Your Trademarks or Risk Losing Them

YouTube's Copyright Reporting Problems Continue Apace

Former Coca-Cola Employee Absconds With Trade Secrets

Is Copyright Killing Music?

Fitbit Facing Investgation Into Patent Infringement From USITC

SCOTUS Hearing Case on Trademark Profits and Willful Intent

Someone Tried to Trademark Breakfast Burritos, Because Of Course

European Patent Office Rejects Application From Artificial Intelligence

YouTube Rolls Out Updates to Improve Copyright Claims Process

Cox Faces Staggering $1 Billion Verdict in Copyright Case

Jetflicks, iStreamItAll Founders Plead Guilty in Copyright Case

Disney Sued in Trademark Spat Over Frozen 2

T-Mobile Claims Trademark on "Magenta" in Dispute with Lemonade

Creators Take Novel Approach to Copyright Infringement from Bots

"OK Boomer" Begets Inevitable Trademark Applications

Copyright Lawsuit Against "Narcos" Ends in Summary Judgment

Supreme Court to Hear Case of Trademark

USPTO Seeking Input on AI Copyright Law

Supreme Court Also Taking On Google and Oracle Copyright Fight

"Spinal Tap" Creators Settle Lawsuit Over Song Rights

"Baby Yoda" GIFs Removed Over Copyright Concerns, Then Quickly Restored, Ending National Nightmare

Copyright Case Against Taylor Swift Heads Back to District Court

A Music Streaming Service on the Blockchain? What Could Go Wrong?

A Google Play Copyright Case: When Can We Blame Tools For How They're Used?

Monster Energy Pushes Trademark Case Against Small Root Beer Maker

TikTok to be Investigated for Copyright Theft?

Apple Finds Itself the Target of Patent Infringement Case