app-store-device-macbook-air-1171For small businesses trying to get their product in front of a larger market, the internet's largest retailer may be providing a solution.

Amazon has introduced a new store called "Amazon Exclusives" that will feature unique products created by inventors and small businesses, including products featured on the reality show "Shark Tank". "Exclusives" is in reference to the fact that, beyond the creator's own website or physical store, the products will only be available through Amazon. Amazon has also stated that it will focus on adding products that have won innovation awards from industry associations. Amazon fulfills orders places through Exclusives, so products on the site are available for the free two-day shipping option offered to Amazon Prime members.

The Amazon Exclusives store (which can be found here) is currently offering products for sale from the companies Jackery, Tower Paddle Boards, Hot Chocolate Design, Olloclip, Zackees, and FreshTech. Companies who are interested in applying to the store are able to fill out an application for inclusion. Amazon Exclusives is just one of the online retail giant's forays into the world of specialized stores. There's Amazon Supply, which offers mechanical, scientific, and office supplies for sale. Amazon Fresh allows you to order your groceries online  and have them delivered to your front door. And most notable for entrepreneurs, Amazon Local allows local businesses to offer special deals and discounts to Amazon users in their area. While it remains to be seen how effective Amazon Exclusive will be, or what products will be allowed into the store, it is a hopeful sign for small businesses that a company as large as Amazon is giving a platform to these innovators.

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