Traklight_new_pageWell, what do you think?! After much hard work and lots of Traker teamwork, we did it! We've been talking about this website update for a while: streamlining our message for customers, clarifying how our products can help, and for the girly-ness in me, just making it pretty (you know, with one of those infinitely-scrolling, pictures-out-to-the-edges-of-the-screen type websites). With the remodel came the chance to re-brand; the chance to spruce up our logo, and move to a brighter, more modern orange, gray, and blue theme.

Now, while that's definitely a perk (yes, I'm a marketer, so this makes me infinitely happy!), the real meat of awesomeness I can sum up with the following: updated messaging, introducing Traklight Pro, and offering our Basic IP Vault free (we also have some cool new eCommerce features, some of which we've talked about recently, others that we will introduce to you soon).

1. Updated Messaging

We used to say that Traklight would help you identify, protect, and manage your intellectual property (IP). While this is still technically correct, without a greater overall message of the importance of these three things, the meaning was lost. There was a lot of confusion with the word "protect;" people assumed our products would help them file their copyrights, patents, and trademarks, and didn't understand that our software helped them IDENTIFY their current and potential intellectual property (IP). We tried to get people to understand that you can't protect what you don't know you have (hence the importance of identifying your IP. But again, saying "protect" just threw people off.

So, now we give you the WHY before the WHAT or HOW (if you've seen Simon Sinek's, "How Great Leaders Inspired Action" TEDx talk, you'll know what I"m talking about). Yes, perhaps that's making our marketing efforts a bit transparent, but I hope only to help you realize the importance of Traklight and how our company can help your business succeed. Our new message is much clearer and simpler: Traklight's products help you identify and protect your intangible assets, including IP, to reduce your business risk, and capture your full potential value. You put everything into your business; we just help make sure you get it back.

2. Introducing Traklight Pro

Are you an attorney, advisor, investor, or other professional? Then Traklight Pro is for you. We've had a licensing program for some time now, but in the past it wasn't completely clear that we offered licensing of Traklight's products to you for both you and your clients. Our new Traklight Pro page on our website helps depict how Traklight can help:

  • Free up time
  • Minimize investment risk
  • Help your clients grow their business

We know that our products will help professionals like you enhance your offerings to your clients, and create better qualified leads to help you bring in more business. All you have to do is contact us for more details about the licensing program.

3. Offering our Basic IP Vault free

We know you have a lot of other cloud storage options, but we want you to be able to protect your assets with one of our four IP Vaults (Basic, Bronze, Silver, or Gold). As the only self-guided platform that provides you with security, simplicity, customization, and affordability, our IP Vault is different than other cloud storage providers. Our IP Vault® provides business owners with a secure location to store IP and securely share files with trusted advisors and collaborators.

At the end of last year, we revealed that our Basic IP Vault would now be free. We've had a lot of great responses thus far, and although this is "older" news, I still wanted to showcase it again here for you because it's one of the newer pieces of Traklight's updated website.

Protect your assets with our vault. 

4. *Bonus* 

If you follow Traklight on social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or G+) you've surely seen all our announcements of the free ID your IP contest we started running on Monday. We're super excited about the launch of our new website, and so to celebrate are offering 10 people the chance to win ID your IP, as well as the chance to be featured in an upcoming article on IP Lessons Learned. If you're interested, but haven't yet emailed be sure to do that ASAP! This is your chance to get your business IP strategy in order, and to get a national feature on Forbes. Good luck!

Browse the store to see what's included in ID your IP, and don't forget to enter the contest!

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