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Emily Ely

Emily is Traklight's Online Media Specialist. With her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Emily takes her understanding for social relationships and applies it to the online world. Her love for analyzing human relationships from an interpersonal and intercultural perspective provides an interesting spin on copywriting and social media management. Emily is a California native and recently moved to Arizona with her husband, who’s pursuing his Ph.D. in Geochemistry at Arizona State University. She has a passion for the outdoors and loves crafting, wine tasting, and her pup Oliver (oh, and her husband, too!).
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Intellectual Property for Musicians: Types of Royalties in Music

So you have successfully created your first music album and you want to start generating some money from it with music royalties. Royalties come in different forms. As the owner of the intellectual property in the music you have created, you can create different streams of income by licensing different rights to your licensees. Here is an intellectual property summary on the difference between the three main types of music royalties:

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3 Reasons Why You Should Protect Your Intellectual Property

You've heard people talk about intangible assets and why it's important to protect your intellectual property (IP), as well as why you should protect it from the time you have the idea (not after you get into business). Have you ever asked yourself, "So what? Why is it important to me as a small business owner?"

Here are some examples of recent cases and how protecting their IP helped them make a case for what was originally theirs:

If I still haven't gotten your attention, here are three reasons why you should consider securing that IP:

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Forbes Update: Start Small and Have a Big Impact with Your Business

Last week's Traklight on Forbes series interviewed Fitlogic Founder and CEO Cricket Lee on her Entrepreneurial Journey of Being First to MarketCheck back every Thursday for more content. Thanks for reading!

Mary Juetten's most recent Forbes post recounts her interview with Allen Rodriguez and Eva Hibnick, Co-Founders of ONE400, saw a need in the legal industry. They realized that law firms and legal tech startups could benefit from the impact of a well-functioning and attractive online brand marketing. During the interview, ONE400 commented on the problem that they're solving:"ONE400 uses its extensive experience in the digital space to create product and marketing solutions that allow law firms to make their services available online in a way that today’s consumers of legal services are demanding."

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Hey Small Business Owners: How Is Intellectual Property Defined?

My grandmother once told me that life without perspective leads you to have an unfulfilling life – always believing that the grass IS greener on the other side. The connection to IP? You. Our customers—from inventors and startups to small businesses and attorneys—continue to help us define and refine how Traklight can help you. Every time I meet someone new, they always ask me a new question that I've yet to be asked, helping me to consider an alternate perspective on intellectual property.

You've heard it a thousand times: 100% of businesses have intellectual property (IP). But we want to shake things up. We want to hear from you.

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You Don't Know What You Don't Know About Intellectual Property

In an effort to cover exactly the sort of content you've asked about, we've put together an initial list of a few topics regarding everything and anything intellectual property (IP). It's a list that we will continually add to and update, so if there's a topic that you see that doesn't have a link, stay tuned—we haven't written a post about it yet. But rest assured we will. Also, if you have anything regarding IP that you've been wanting to learn about, email our Digital Content Coordinator, Emily Ely, at Thanks!

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Introducing the Business of Legal

No business wants to give away its products. As an attorney, when you spend time evaluating potential clients that don't pan out, you're giving away your product—valuable billable hours. If a client needs only basic professional services and your firm is looking for bigger opportunities, your efforts can be time wasted.

With the right technology your firm can identify a potential client's intellectual property, determine contract needs, and reveal legal issues that need your expertise. Since the process is initiated at the clerical level, most client pre-qualification information can be gathered without lawyer involvement or time. The lawyer's first notice of a potential client can be accompanied by enough relevant information to determine the next step.

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Forbes Update: An Entrepreneurial Journey of Being First to Market

Last week's Traklight on Forbes series reviewed how important it is to Pay Attention to Innovation and IntangiblesCheck back every Thursday for more content. Thanks for reading!

Image Courtesy: Cricket LeeWhen you're first to market, it can be more challenging to get others to understand and appreciate your idea. There's a lot of education of your audience involved. In Mary's latest post to Forbes, she interviews Cricket Lee, Founder and CEO of Fitlogic, "an inside fit brand licensable to any wholesale or retail brand." The algorithem she created will revolutionize the way the fashion industry sizes their products. So how did she do it? 

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Do you have an Intellectual Property Story to Share?

The threat is there, and is every creator's worst nightmare! Zombies lurking in the mist, ready to tear your and your intellectual property (IP) to shreds. Patent trolls stalking you in your sleep, patiently waiting for the right moment to attack—

Well maybe not zombies, but protecting your intellectual property (IP) can be kinda scary. We want to stop history from repeating itself, which is why we're making another call out to the entrepreneurial community to share their worst IP horror stories. 

Just answer these simple three questions to be featured on our blog:

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Forbes Update: Pay Attention to Innovation and Intangibles

Last week's Traklight on Forbes series shared 7 Tips for Thought Leadership on a Startup BudgetCheck back every Thursday for more content. Thanks for reading!


When you're looking to increase the value of your company or startup to gain investor attention, one of the first things you should consider is how to create that value from the resources you already have or have already created. More than 80% of your business value sits in your innovation and intangibles.

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"I'm In": Why Entrepreneurs Use Patents

Did you catch last night's season premeire of Shark Tank? If you have been busy working out the details of your innovation, you may not have had the opportunity to tune into this popular TV show on which entrepreneurs seek investments from five self-made multi-millionaires and billionaires.

If you have watched the TV show, then you know that once the business financials are highlighted, the next question the Sharks ask is, “Do you have a patent?” You also know that if there is no patent, or even a patent pending, each Shark immediately responds by saying, “I’m out.”

Let’s look at two essential reasons for the Sharks’ response, and how entrepreneurs benefit from patents: as a way to suppress potential competition and to get investors to say, “I’m in.”

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Forbes Update: 7 Tips For Thought Leadership On A Startup Budget

Last week's Traklight on Forbes series shared 5 Tough Lessons from FundraisingCheck back every Thursday for more content. Thanks for reading!


When you're first starting a business, becoming a thought leader in your industry is probably the last thing on your mind. But as we see the increased use of inbound marketing and content distribution sway our purchasing decisions, is is more important than ever to consider the ways in which you may become an influential part of your professional circle. 

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What a Hacker Taught Me about Intellectual Property

I've never been to a hackathon. To be honest, I've never experienced anything quite like it. I couldn't believe that some of the participants hadn't slept in 36 hours because they were still all furiously typing away, smiling and laughing with each other!

But why would any of these young coders, developers, and entrepreneurs care to be interested in Traklight or intellectual property (IP)? 

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Forbes Update: 5 Tough Lessons From Fundraising

Last week's Traklight on Forbes series introduced the connection between INBOUND14 and Intellectual Property and the best way to prep for an educational conference. Check back every Thursday for more content. Thanks for reading!

The process of fundraising for your startup can be a stressful experience. Check out Mary's latest Forbes article for some tried and true tips and tricks to help smooth out this process a bit.

Mary tells a tale of an "interesting" experience she and a team member had when seeking funding from angel investors, and offers these tips in the form of five different lessons that she learned at that event.

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Intellectual Property Theft: From Trade Secrets to Non-Protected Media

Intellectual property theft could be called a silent killer as much as those who have high cholesterol or blood pressure. While that analogy might seem strange, the theft of intellectual property (IP) can meansomeone stealing your IP without you even knowing it after storing it on your hard drive. Once you find out you've had something stolen online, there usually isn't any way to reverse it, and things like a trade secret may be in the hands of your competition or unknowns overseas.

Such is the case with many businesses around the world that lose billions of dollars every year to IP theft. But as the National Crime Prevention Council reminds us, you have ways to prevent your IP from being stolen.

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