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Maddie Gildenberg

Maddie is a resourceful, versatile person with a background in digital services and a strong interest in small business. Having moved recently from New York City to Tempe, she’s finally enjoying the sun and going forward in life. At home, she cooks up new dishes often, writes songs on her keyboard piano, and is probably playing with her kittens at any given moment. She's always up to go to local concerts and shows.
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How Can Marketers Be Better at their Jobs? Add Intellectual Property to Your Knowledge Bank

On the surface, the job description of a marketer is to help their company or their client raise awareness of their brand or educate customers in the hopes of generating sales of whatever product they have to offer. So while it’s logical to view marketers as an extension of sales, they’re every bit as inventive as the nerds that developed that product (all due respect to nerds). When marketers do work for clients, such as creating any sort of customized material, that work is intellectual property, which has many nuances in the legal sphere. Marketers will be better at their jobs when they know about those nuances and apply them to their day-to-day client interaction, especially when signing new contracts.

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Modern Lawyers Making Quality Content | Legal Link Love

Traklight has always tried to demysify the legal space for consumers' benefit, especially when it comes intangible assets and intellectual property. It's even better when lawyers do the same and truly understand their clients' needs.

Yesterday may have been Mother's Day, but today we applaud you modern lawyers making make quality content! 

Here are our 3 current favorites who are making high quality content:

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Why Should I Identify My Intangible Assets?

A question we frequently receive here at Traklight is why should I identify my intangible assets? In our marketing, we show how our own products help businesses easily identify intellectual property (IP), which consists of assets that are both tangible and intangible. At first glance, identifying tangible assets always looks more important because they're things you see and physically use. But many of the intangible assets in your business bring more value than you probably ever knew.

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Bottoms Up! An Interview with Kit Lab founder Ryan Sanders

Today we're featuring a new crowdfunding project known as Kit Lab, a site where you can sell ingredient kits of your home brewing recipes. Kit Lab packs and ships the kits, authors share in the profits. The crowdfunding campaign launches tomorrow, April 2nd (link coming as soon as it's up). Our interview with Kit Lab founder Ryan Sanders is below.

1. Why did you start Kit Lab?

I started Kit Lab because I wanted to solve the headaches I was running into when brewing from recipes I found online. I also felt like I wanted a better way to know when my favorite authors posted new recipes online. What materialized from those needs was Kit Lab, a site where you can follow your favorite recipe authors, receive notifications when they post new recipes, and where when you find a recipe you’d like to try, you can simply “click to brew” and the exact ingredients are on their way to your doorstep. Simple!

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Is the Media Taking Advantage of Your Ignorance of Copyright?

There are 500 million photos uploaded to Facebook every day and 40 million photos are posted on Instagram every day. (Source)

Impressive figures, but why do they matter? They matter because they represent opportunities, some that have been missed. With tens of hundreds of millions photos uploaded to social media every day, there's bound to be infringement on your content. Yes, YOURS. Let me explain in more detail below.

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Have a Wonderful Holiday from Traklight

Here in Arizona, the holidays are weird.

There is no snow, but plenty of cheer.

The Traklight Trakers are out, and this post was scheduled,

But we’ll still remember you, on this tide-yule.

Whether you’re naughty or nice,

Made of sugar or spice,

We’ll gift you with a blog post tomorrow,

Because parting from you is such sweet sorrow.


But wait! Here's a free holiday gift:

A Basic Vault for sensitive files.

The free purchase and sign-up are swift

And sharing with another brings smiles.

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From #Instagood to #Instabad and Back to #Instagood Again

I know it can be annoying or often downright difficult to figure out what is fair use and what is not fair use of copyrighted material, but that never means it is 100% free to distribute or even rebrand it as your own. If you think about it, adhering to the rules of protected intellectual property (IP) is really just a complicated version of a lesson we all learned in kindergarten: Don’t take what isn’t yours. 

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9 Free Creative Resources for Businesses

*tears up*

I'm proud of the internet. I'm proud of what great software developers and user experience designers have accomplished together. A round of applause for everyone who has hunched over their computers for weeks to make resources available for the small businesses out there! Thank you.

And now it's time to showcase the fruit of their labor. Here are 9 Free Creative Resources for Businesses.

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Forbes Update: Disrupting the Legal Industry

Two weeks ago, the Traklight on Forbes series shared an interview with WayFounder's founder and how their contest is a great opportunity for NontrepreneursCheck back every Thursday for more Forbes content. Thanks for reading!

In this interview, Mary Juetten features a niche-but-not-too-niche disruptive legal tech company called Valcu Inc. They handle startup incorporation at affordable prices with exactly what venture capitalists often want or require from businesses.

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Webinar Recap: Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship

Jennifer Hill of SixtyVocab recently presented her webinar "Taking the Plunge Into Entrepreneurship: How to Dive in Intelligently." For those who weren't able to watch the live version, we have the recording and slides available below. Note: While this is a good overview of Jennifer's presentation, we recommend you read the slides and especially listen to the recorded presentation for a better understanding. 

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Meet Eric, Traklight's Intern

Previously in our Traklight Trakers Series, we introduced you to one of our Administrative Interns, Erik Kuper. Today's feature is our other intern, Eric.

Eric was born in Plano, Texas, a city just north of the Big-D. Hardly calling himself a Texan as he only lived in the Lone Star State for several months, Eric has more claim to the title of “Arizonan,” having spent most of his life living in the farmlands of Gilbert, AZ.

Growing up, Eric’s family and friends were avid campers; weekends were often spent in the northern parts of Arizona relaxing in the cooler weather and roasting s’more’s over campfires. As if he could not get enough off the outdoors, Eric joined a Boy Scout troop along with his younger brother. They both progressed their way up through the ranks, ending with the rank of Eagle Scout. Although much busier now in his college years, Eric still goes out for the occasional Camelback Mountain hike and is hoping to start exploring the great outdoors through other avenues such as kayaking.

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Crowdfunding Discussion on Arizona Horizon Eight

In this segment, Mary describes the difference between rewards-based and equity crowdfunding. Though equity crowdfunding is not yet legal, the JOBS Act of 2012 will have more to say about the rules once those are released. Many states in the US already have their own specific rules for crowdfunding in general. As always, Traklight encourages startups to practice safe crowdfunding and protect their intellectual property before broadcasting it on a crowdfunding platform. Check out the video below for the clip, beginning at 16:00.

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