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Mary Juetten

Mary is Traklight's very excitable CEO who has the energy of everyone combined. To give you a taste of that energy, Mary, who already had her CA and CPA, developed the idea for Traklight while earring her JD. She has leveraged her 25+ years of business experience to launch Traklight from an idea to a global business in less than three years. Simultaneously, she is an active contributor, speaker, and expert in the areas of entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, advancement of women in the workforce, and (of course) intellectual property. And she does all this while raising teenagers (we're exhausted from just writing this). Meanwhile, Mary is flying around North America (on Southwest as much as possible!) spreading the good word of Traklight. Phew.
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Lawgical: The Pros And Cons Of Bootstrapping Your Startup

This article was originally featured on Forbes. 

Last fall I had the pleasure of interviewing Adam Camras, Lawgical co-founder and CEO on the topic of podcasting — more here.  Adam leads the popular Legal Talk Network, one of Lawgical’s brands, all headquartered in Denver, with an office in Los Angeles and a handful of remote team members throughout the United States. Lawgical provides online marketing, software and media for the legal industry. Adam is an experienced entrepreneur with a wealth of knowledge. Recently we did another Q&A, this time Adam shares his wisdom on whether to raise capital or bootstrap.

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The Business of Legal: The Data-Driven Law Practice by Nimbus Of Counsel Mary Juetten

Mary Juetten’s second book, The Business of Legal: The Data-Driven Law Practice launched at the end of last month as a Kindle offering on Amazon.* Again written in plain English, with simple case studies, Juetten provides an approach for lawyers and other legal technicians to use data and process to drive change. Mary uses her thirty-year plus business, accounting, law, and consulting background to provide a road map for lawyers looking to improve their firms, all in less than 100 pages, complete with pictures! Actually, any professional can adapt the book’s advice to create a data-driven successful practice.

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Legal Technology and Smart Contracts: Blockchain & Smart Contracts (Part IV)

Much has been written on blockchain recently, even in legal. We continue our series with Mark Oblad, VP, Legal and Finance at JW Player, who has coded a number of tools for automating transactions. Last time we talked about open source and industry source of information for contracts here.  This time, we look first at smart contracts. The concept of the “smart contract” has taken hold and is becoming increasingly the focus of legal technology groups, such as the Computable Contracts Initiative at Stanford Law School’s CodeX, Cardozo Law School’s Tech Startup Clinic, New York Law School’s Center for Business and Financial, and Computational Legal Studies.

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Legal Technology and Smart Contracts: Contracts as Code, Part 1

Artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and chat bots are all hot topics these days. At a spring Seattle legal technology event, computable contracts were recommended as a focus for a future event. Mark Oblad, who I have interviewed previously here has done a deep dive into this space over the past eighteen months and below is part one in a series of five pieces on contracts, smart contracts, and blockchain.

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Why Traklight is Partnering with LegalShield

While in law school, I came up with the idea for Traklight when I saw the errors made by small business owners during my time in the Tech Ventures clinic. For one company, the lack of a business entity and co-founder agreements created such havoc that it set them back a year. I distinctly remember thinking, "if only these entrepreneurs knew about some simple first steps, they could have avoided wasting time and money." Our mission at Traklight is to remove the guesswork from starting up and running a small business. We provide a roadmap to success using software to identify issues and provide education and resources.

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Technology and Legal Plans

Last May I successfully ran for the GLSA Board because my personal mission is to support legal plans to  address our access to justice challenge. Further, I believe that technology within the plans is the leverage needed to serve more Americans. Join us in Scottsdale next month on May 18th to hear from some legal luminaries as we gather for the GLSA Annual Education conference in conjunction with GP Solo, more information here.

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The Evolution of Arizona Funding

Last month, I moderated a panel at the third annual Phoenix Startup Week. The event has exploded since 2015 and the session on raising capital was packed. I wrote on the challenges with fundraising in Arizona here based on my own 2013 experience. What a difference three years has made! Arizona founders are now benefiting from an evolved and mature funding ecosystem.

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Small business funding options: Angel investing, equity fundraising, crowdfunding & startup loans

Growing your business is difficult, particularly when you need money to fund your plans. Many entrepreneurs use personal savings or the revenue from the company to “bootstrap” their way to success. But sometimes that’s not possible because either you lack the personal wealth or the company needs too much upfront investment prior to revenue generation. Traditional fundraising from professional investors can be daunting both in terms of time and money. However, over the past few years, some additional small business funding avenues have become available.

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Sidestepping Common Startup Mistakes

This article originally featured on the GoDaddy blog

Starting a new business venture is exciting. Whether you’re joining the ranks of the startup CEO, creating new products and services, or becoming your own boss in a more traditional business, you’ll most likely feel a mixture of thrill and fear. Don’t get too overwhelmed, though, or you’ll skip over important steps in the first several months that are critical to ensuring the best foundation for your new business. Let’s first look at the top three startup mistakes early-stage companies make:

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Beyond Infringement to Rights Monetization

In her latest Forbes article, Mary speaks with Ray Young of RightsIn. RightsIn is a startup seeking to help artists monetize their creations by providing an avenue for licensing their films and music through an online marketplace. Ray talks about how the RightsIn marketplace offers creators more control of the licensing and monetization of their work, the process of how the product was developed, and his experience with IP in the entertainment industry.

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