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Michael Witham

Michael is Traklight's Evangelist. What's an Evangelist, you ask? It is the result of an acquaintance turned fan, turned believer, turned full-blown brand advocate. Michael has been shouting the good word of Traklight from the rooftops since the beginning. Aside from Traklight, Michael is passionate about startups, entrepreneurship, innovation, and supporting local businesses. He has a Bachelor of Science in Management from Arizona State University, and he founded a retail coffee shop in Tempe, Arizona.
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We Are LA Tech at General Assembly

“Maturing,” “emerging,” and “vibrant” are the commonly used words used to describe the Los Angeles (LA) tech ecosystem. Every night is full of multiple events across the city where LA’s tech community comes together to share about the entrepreneurial journey and offer their experiences to one another. 

The two events in the last few weeks stand out the most.

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Welcome to Hollywood: Where the Streets Have...Intellectual Property?

It’s 9:30 pm when Elvis gets on the bus and sits down next to me. He pulls down his sun glasses, looks at me dead in the eyes, and says, “Honkey Tonk.”

Although I am still a Traker, I have relocated; my new office sits on the West end of the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame. In the past month, I have walked past the flowers and memorials of Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, watched street performers do backflips over crowds of people, and have seen Mickey Mouse take pictures with tourists.

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Michael's Patent Process...Pending

During my junior year in college, I had a genius idea. One of a kind, novel, and most importantly, patentable! Even if I didn’t know exactly what a patent was…I knew this idea needed a patent.

Being a broke Arizona State University student at the time, hiring an IP attorney was out of the question. Going directly to an attorney was the only option I knew. I searched the web for Arizona IP firms and found one with a free initial consultation. 

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