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Philip Juetten

Philip is Traklight's budget balancer and keeper of culture. Not only can this guy crunch the numbers but also he maintains our sanity. Key to the development of our company's values, Philip also holds engineering degrees from Arizona State University and is a Senior Project Director for a large mining company with more than 20 years of international project management experience.
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Why Stay? Life at a Startup

I often wonder why people would choose to stay and work at a startup when they have a choice; when I talk about “people” I talk about the keepers who you definitely know are good and could go and find something to do somewhere else and in virtually all cases, for more money.  So then why would people choose to stay and voluntarily step up to the wall, take their honored position side by side with each of their associates, and day in, day out, pound their head against the wall?

I had to give this some thought. I had to relate back to my direct experiences not only in my personal career but those at Traklight as well. I needed to understand. What follows are my personal observations on how the keepers in a startup are the necessary life blood of your company. Hopefully, this reflection is also helpful in defining the culture of your startup as well.

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Wheels on the Bus

I really could not resist the title. You probably thought it would be about kids on a bus rolling down the road and signing a song. This is all about who you let on your bus and how you work with them when they are on the bus. Your company culture, not to mention performance, will be defined and molded by how you do both.

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