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Tara Hetzer

Tara has more than 10 years of design and marketing experience from national agencies to bootstrapping startups. Her marketing skills stretch beyond graphics and into brand development and strategy. Not only is Tara an incredibly creative designer, she is also a talented cook! Dabbling into the culinary arts for the occasional dinner party, she has assembled some amazing menus. So, if she asks you over, say yes! Tara lives in Phoenix with her two playful pups Stella and Kaiser.
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How Risk in Business Can Be A Good Thing

For some reason, the past twelve months have presented me with an unusual amount of opportunity to take risks. Some of them I have taken, while others I have dismissed. The decision whether or not to take these risks was a rather boring process—with level-headed consideration about what risks would actually benefit me, and what risks would offer only a moment of adrenaline with little reward.

Some risks that I took on were minor: taking on a new project that fell outside of my skillset; offering up my work for peer reviews; wearing fire-engine-red lipstick for the first time in lieu of my standard nude gloss. One risk, however, was not just new, but HUGE. A risk where every part about it was foreign, undiscovered, uncomfortable, and unnerving.

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