technology-1283624_1280.jpgAs a tech company, we love seeing young people with a passion and interest in the technology sector. It's not a stretch to say that technology is not only the future of our economy, but of humans as a species. Tech will enable us to accomplish things we had never before dreamed possible, and it's the young people of today who will be at the forefront of that innovation. That is why we are pleased to see local events aimed at celebrating the fields of science and technology and the kids involved in it.

The Great AZ Code Challenge 2.0 is being held July 22-23 at the Infusionsoft offices in Chandler. The event's aim is to get kids excited about the worlds of coding, programming and tech entrepreneurship by celebrating accomplishments in those areas and creating a culture where skills in the STEM fields are lauded. 

Last year's event was a tremendous success, and our own Mary Juetten served as a volunteer and wrote about her experiences. There is also this great video with highlights of the inaugural event that will undoubtedly leave you feeling encouraged about the creativity and enthusiasm of the next generation.

If you want a chance to see the tech geniuses of tomorrow at work, there are several ways that you can be involved. The organizers are looking for volunteers to help out at the event, and opportunities aren't strictly limited to the tech-savvy. From setting up to helping serve meals, you can learn more about volunteer opportunities here. Or if you know a young person who might be interested in participating, they can register to attend here.

Tech entrepreneurship may be associated with Silicon Valley, but there's no reason that the Sun Valley can't be a technology hotbed in its own right (we already have the hot part down.) So come out and encourage these bright young minds!