The IP Vault is up and available for use. It's an online inventor's notebook and its FREE for one year of 250MB storage for students who join with .edu email. Your ideas in electronic format can be uploaded to the IP Vault after joining Traklight. Services include version tracking and the ability to prove that you created your IP first. Visit IP Vault page for affordable rates. Mailing an idea to yourself does not work to prove you thought of it first!

Unfortunately mailing an envelope to yourself that contains, amongst other IP, computer code, songs, picture, slogan, or drawings of your invention and not opening the envelope will not prove the creation or invention date of the IP inside. First, envelopes can be steamed open. Second, empty, unsealed envelopes can be mailed and anything can be inserted later. Basically, you are proving that the envelope was sent on the postmarked date but not proving anything to do with the contents.

Publishing or uploading the IP to a shared server can prove when you thought of an idea. However, you need to be careful that you are not publicly disclosing your idea and starting the one-year clock for any potential patent applications. Check out Google Drive terms and conditions before you use free storage because you may be giving away some of your rights. Alternatively your idea maybe a trade secret and needs to be stored as part of protection.

Three reasons why IP Vault is better than regular storage:

1. Proof by a third party that you thought of it first.

An email with the date and time of the version of your IP is sent to you with a simple click on the Proof Email button in your IP Vault. Also it's easy to retrieve information on your first date of use or disclosure.

2. Manage your IP without publicly disclosing or publishing your IP.

Traklight allows you to upload in a secure environment that is only accessible by you and therefore you are not publicly disclosing your IP or giving away any rights to cloud storage companies.

3. Safe, secure, organized storage of multiple versions.

The IP Vault allows as many versions as you like to be uploaded with notes on ownership and always with a time date stamp. It is truly an online inventor's notebook!

Once we have the ID your IP product online, you can store your ID your IP Report in the IP Vault for free and as proof of an IP inventory or audit.

We have plans to enhance the IP Vault services and will blog about those added features soon. Comments or questions at

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