We are live! With both products in slightly more than Minimum Viable Product stage, we would like to thank all our customers, beta & alpha testers, friends, family and the Arizona startup community for your support. I would like to also thank the amazing team - Philip, Eric, and our newest member, Robin.

When in law school I was shocked by the amount of Intellectual Property (IP) loss. I am not referring to Apple or Samsung type IP loss but something more devastating: Inventors, startups, and small businesses losing IP or infringing upon others' IP. For these smaller operations, a lack of understanding or protection of IP led to loss of capital, challenges with growth or simply having to close their doors.
We believe that this does not have to happen anymore. We have made understanding and identifying IP simple, affordable and accessible. We help you make the most of any time with an IP attorney or consultant.

We also provide a storage tool that does not leave you wondering if the provider has any rights to your IP. It’s a dream come true for inventors and entrepreneurs to time-stamp IP and keep track of date of creation, first use, publication – an online inventor’s notebook or vault for trade secrets – all in one place. Finally we provide a growing list of resources to help you succeed. 

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