The Traklight team continues to grow so we thought we'd share a little bit about our newest member to the Traklight team, Kenady Sorenson.  Kenady was involved in the start-up community by taking ASU's Rapid Start Up classes and graduated with a BA in Poli Sci and Spanish.  Kenady hopes to bring customer service, sales, and all things ops to a new level as a Traker!

What I learned about IP before I started at Traklight?

I googled it, I wiki'd it, I snooped around ...I also found an MIT course on IP, it was a bit outdated, yet I was still in over my head! I learned IP can be seriously tricky business. It is so very important to protect your ideas and creations. When I got a chance to play around with the ID Your IP section of Traklight, I realized how important it is to have such a user-friendly tool for IP discovery!

Something about me that would be a surprise to learn

I absolutely love cars; fast cars, old school muscle cars, and new shiny sports cars. From the noise of a throaty engine to the simplicity of washing the car, beautiful vehicles have been known to bring a tear to my eye!  I also wish to own a drive-in movie theatre someday too!

Any deep dark secrets that are past statute of limitations

This one time, in prison .... no, no, just kidding! I have no secrets! 

If you were alone in the car by yourself, what song would you sing and why? The answer to this is - any and all songs! I also frequently talk back to talk radio!