It seems like designer Philip Scott’s sensual jeans, called “Gaga Jeans,” did not go down very well with Lady Gaga. When the designer filed for trademark registration of his “Gaga Jeans”, Lady Gaga’s attorneys fired a legal notice to the designer.

Philip Scott’s website describes the jeans as unique and like no other jeans on the market. But jeans are just jeans right? How different can they be? These jeans have a horizontal zip across the crotch as opposed to the standard vertical one, being dubbed ‘sexitized easy access jeans’. Clearly, the legal threat from the singing sensation indicates she does not want to be associated with this product.

In the legal letter (obtained by Radar Online), the attorneys have accused Scott of misappropriating the dominant feature of Lady Gaga’s mark, “Gaga”, by merely adding the generic term “jeans.” Also, they insist that the use and registration of “GAGAJEANS” is likely to cause confusion, mistake, and deception amongst consumers whom Lady Gaga is affiliated with or has sponsored, endorsed, or otherwise associated with jeans. Thereby, they claim "GAGAJEANS" likely to dilute the distinctiveness of Lady Gaga’s trademark, so they have requested the jean manufacturer to seize manufacture of the product.

Moreover, the attorneys have also alleged that Scott has commented on the singer’s YouTube videos directing viewers to his website as a sales gimmick. 

Following the threat, the website has been suspended. But the designer maintains he did nothing wrong and will not withdraw the application. “I have never in any comments or actions tried to fool anyone into believing Lady Gaga is in any way connected to or associated with Gagajeans. Lady Gaga just wants to trademark the name ‘Gaga’ and has not or cannot. This is not my fault. If she had trademarked the name ‘Gaga,’ then I would not have applied for the name Gagajeans for my trademark. But again, you should discuss this with the trademark office as they allowed me to legally apply for this trademark. I will not cancel my application for the Gagajeans trademark. If the application is denied by the trademark office (which is likely), I will not use it. But until then, take a chill pill and wait for the trademark office to do their job!” (as reported by