It was 2:45 AM on April 5th and something woke me. Was it a bump in the night? I lay there staring into the dark abyss thinking of all the things I needed to do. Might as well get up; my mind has taken over.

With the hopes of being able to go back to sleep, I did not bother hitting the "GO" button on the coffee machine. I went for my laptop, logged into my HubSpot account, and went straight for the dashboard. D&%nit! What is going on with our visits? Our website visits were getting hammered this month compared to last month. Why, why, why?! It was now 3:15 AM and I knew I would be up for the day. In disgust, I got off the couch, went over to the coffee machine, pushed the "GO" button. The grinding whir went off like clockwork.

I went back to my HubSpot dashboard and started to dig into the metrics for any possible reason. The first thing that came to my mind was that we draw traffic to our site via good content. With that, I checked out our blog posts and realized, as if I really did not know, that we had only posted one blog so far this month! I went back to last month and looked; we had posted four by this time! 

Soooo … what is the takeaway? You can only be listened to if you talk. You have to do something to attract someone’s attention. In the world of educating and empowering people related to their intellectual property, knowledge is power. Trakers work very hard to do that! We work hard to provide meaningful content and work hard to toot our horn and gain attention. You have to keep the inbound marketing pace or you will not be noticed and your visits will decrease, and I mean fast.


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