kelly-sikkema-291518-unsplashIt's not hyperbole to say that the future of commerce and industry depends heavily on creativity. New products, methods and techniques allow businesses to adapt to a world that is ever changing, and the creative arts are what sustain and define us as a culture. We need creativity more than ever to face new challenges; at the same time that the safeguards for creative work are under greater strain to try and adapt to past changes in order to provide the necessary protections that make the act of creation a worthwhile enterprise for those with the requisite ambition.

One new organization that is working to protect creativity is CreativeFuture. CreativeFuture is a coalition of over five hundred companies in creative industries that are banding together to assert the importance of creativity and the primacy of creator's rights to their work. CreativeFuture is working to empower its members to speak out about the importance of not only creativity but the copyrights that protect those works and the importance of fighting against piracy.

Trying to bring an end to piracy is a daunting challenge, and one that can't be solved by a piecemeal approach of pursuing individual infringement cases as they occur; it requires a concerted effort that involves the companies that make up the broader internet ecosystem and might unwittingly facilitate piracy. By working together to try and create cooperation between all the relevant parties, Creative Future's members can help to spread the message that piracy and other forms of copyright infringement have a detrimental effect not only on the future of individual creators and creative businesses, but the future of creative endeavors as a whole.

CreativeFuture's #StandCreative initiative seeks to educate on the value of creative works as well as creators, and the hard work involved in the creative process. The impersonal way in which we consume content on the internet, combined with the perception that art is ephemeral and the act of creation is easy, creates an implicit permission to devalue the work and the creator and pirate their creations without compunction. It requires a concerted effort on the part of advocates like the CreativeFuture coalition to educate and speak out about the negative effects of piracy.

As the world grows larger and more interconnected, tackling what are now global problems requires a collective effort. CreativeFuture's initiative is looking to create the broad coalition necessary to begin to stem the tide of piracy in the digital age. You can read more about CreativeFuture's mission here.

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