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Image Courtesy: Jillian VogelIf you're a regular Traklight blog reader, you may be wondering why we didn't have our Forbes blog update for you yesterday. Neverfear! It was well worth the wait: We are officially announcing an existing new collaborative project that's been dubbed, The Legal Tech Toolkit (LTTK). We will continually be adding to this resourceful list of legal tech companies and intend for it to help you build your legal business.

The idea and inspiration for the project was explained by Mary Juetten, our CEO, at the EvolveLaw CodeX Demo Day event at Stanford Law School that happened recently. The event hosted eight panelists whose legal technology companies are disrupting the legal industry to solve problems in the legal space with the use of technology. You can read more by visiting or click here to go straight to the article. 

As for the Legal Tech Toolkit, here's a quick snippet from Mary about that project:

"Jules and Julia (Co-Founders of Hire an Esquire) and I started talking about how it would be great if we could cross sell with each other, but were brainstoming on how to make that collaboration a little more formal. So we’re trying to do something called the Legal Tech Toolkit, which I did Google and search to make sure we’re not infringing on anything. The idea is that we’re going to put together some collateral and materials into one spot for people to reference, and there might be companies that compete with each other in there but it’s a big enough space for everyone—there's a lot of lawyers. It’s really a focus on how can we all work together to succeed. I think the more technology there is, the more adoption there will be."

Are you a legal tech company? Want to be included in the LTTK?

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We agree, demo days are pretty awesome. If you're a law school that would like to host an Evolve Law Demo Day event, be sure to let us know!

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