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Image Courtesy: Damon D'AmoreWe've all had a time or two, some more than others, when we've thought of an amazing idea but just didn't have the time, money, <fill in the blank for yourself> to bring it to fruition. Enter: The Nontrepreneur™ solution, an idea conceived by WayFounder, a company who provides a way for those ideas to become a reality.

According to WayFounder, Nontrepreneurs are, "everyday people who conceive solutions to pain points in their lives as consumers but don’t possess the skills, resources, or desire to build them into a business." Is this you? If so, you may be interested in Mary's interview with the Founder of WayFounder, Damon D'Amore, after which he shares his top three tips for creating successful competition applications. Mary also interviews WayFounder's first contest winner who shares her advice on winning and how she got there. 

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Before you enter the WayFounder competition, find our your risk of unidentified intellectual property (IP) and IP theft. 

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