Picture: Happy Birthday to TraklightWe are two today! This is the second anniversary of coming out of beta with our first self-guided questionnaire, ID your IP. Not to be confused with the date of our first website launch (Dec 2011), first IP Vault product (April 2012), our re-launch of our completely re-factored platform (March 2014). I am sure there are other milestones to recognize...

One of our core values is that we are wolves who work and play hard but also like to have fun. Hence the celebration of our second birthday!

Entering the terrible twos sounds ominous but it’s not. Tantrums are associated with those tumultuous years but there is always a silver lining  (in this case positives from pitching a fit). We have very high standards as Trakers –when our checkout system lets our customers down or when we provide a less than satisfactory user experience with our platform, we are quick to be annoyed with our selves.

Looking back over the last year, it has really been more like a coming of age for us. We have left behind the idea that everyone does everything, particularly me. I now get excited when a decision is made and execution takes place without me being involved! We are into the fourth draft of our lottery playbook and are hiring more professionals to fill out the team.

As of tomorrow, we are also leaving behind the LLC and becoming a C Corporation—Traklight, Inc. This is exciting because it marks the start of a big year of growth as we are scaling our platform for our direct customers and partners, as well as building some additional tools. We are also broadening our mission to include small business success by way of capturing all potential value for growth with their intangible assets.


*In startup years, this is actually like turning 20! More on that concept in a future blog.

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