muhammad-zaqy-al-fattah-Lexcm-6FHRU-unsplashTrade secrets for a business can truly make or break their success if those secrets are not protected. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office points out that, by law, the U.S. is required to protect trade secrets that could pose a danger to the well-being of an important company. This is usually done through individual state laws that all differ. Regardless, compensation to a business is more than possible if a court finds out that a trade secret was misappropriated. In the latter case, that simply means someone leaking a trade secret and causing damage to the business in the process.
If you have trade secrets in your business that need protection at all costs, you still have to take responsibility in finding a place to keep them safe. Here at Traklight, we are here to not only help you identify what trade secrets you have in your company, but also provide ways to protect them.
Don't worry, that doesn't necessarily mean keeping them inside a physical bank vault with 20 different top secret levels.

Using the Cloud for IP Storage

There is no better place to store your trade secrets than in a secure cloud system. We say secure because we know not all cloud servers are safe. You can be assured that our IP Vault is a place that uses the latest in encryption technology to ensure your trade secrets will not be hacked, perhaps a competitor.
In an older era, trade secrets more or less had to be locked in a real vault or safe where they were sometimes compromised. Back then, however, business competition was not as intense or as widespread as it is today. When you have something unique nobody else has, it is a rare feat in today's business world. You will be happy to know that once your trade secrets are in our vault, they will not be ignored security-wise or closed off from your own use.

Round the Clock Security and Accessibility

We will be your private vault guard and make sure your content is always safe. We watch our cloud server 24/7 to make sure it is running optimally and updating consistently. Because it is the cloud, you are also able to access your trade secret documents any time you want and wherever you have an Internet connection. Our IP Vault also happens to store any type of document format you have.
Just be judicious if you print out a physical copy of your trade secrets. It is best to leave them as digital files and send someone a digital copy if someone internal in your business needs to see them.
The above works well when customizing your vault for single use or for an entire team to access. You can also choose your neccessary storage space size and length of time to keep everything there. We will presume that your trade secrets will want to stay on our server for the life of your business. When you retire, the next owners of your business can gain easy access to them in the same place.
Contact us if you need to protect any of your business's intellectual property. Traklight helps you scope out all your IP, protects it, and provides educative resources to help you profit off that property.