Workstation Traklight is always striving to offer exciting new features and options for our existing clients as well as new customers. From new questions in our questionnaire to new ways to visualize and understand your intangible assets, we have created a product that allows users to understand what they have now and what steps they need to take, both now and in the future, to protect those assets. And with our latest product addition, anyone can start this process for free.

Traklight is proud to introduce the business risk assessment as our latest product offering. You can now purchase a free ID your IP bundle that allows you to fill in the Status, Employees, Contractors, and Planning sections of our ID your IP questionnaire, free of charge. Upon completing those sections, you'll be able to see your Traklight Assessment Grade as well as your Traklight Risk Chart, based upon the answers provided in those sections. You'll also receive the IP Strategy and IP Snapshot reports. This new option will allow businesses and entrepreneurs to get started in understanding their risks and the importance of developing a business strategy.

Having a well-developed strategy is the key to your business' success, whether you're just starting out or going out for fundraising. Investors know that the value of any business is tied to its intangible assets, and they want to know that you have taken the time to identify and protect those assets. Using our free Business Risk Assessment is a great first step.

Users wil be able to fill out the entire questionnaire when they upgrade to the ID your IP full features. The entire questionnaire, as well as the full complement of reports, can be used and updated for one year with purchase. Getting started is free and easy - why not try it out today?

Thanks to our partner Rocket Lawyer, you can upgrade to our full report for only $99! Use the promo code ROCKET15 at checkout to save.

Free Business Risk Assessment