The free Business Risk Assessment can be accessed through a desktop or mobile deviceIn business, as in life, one of the most important things you can do is ask the right questions. And there are so many questions out there, from "Should I start my own business?" to "How is this Columbia House membership NOT a good idea?"

At Traklight, our questionnaire is designed with all your business questions in mind (you're on your own with Columbia House). Sure, there's the slimmest of possibilities you may succeed charging forward at one hundred miles an hour with little regard for anything that may be considered an obstacle. But it's far more likely that the cautious, careful, and inquisitive entrepreneur will be the one to create lasting success. Our most recent additions to our questionnaire will help those entrepreneurs by asking even more questions about their business and intellectual property and create a detailed strategy to protect themselves.

In addition to our already robust set of questions, we have added some new ones to help identify other areas of potential concern and provide more guidance. The new questions cover such areas as to whether you have a succession plan or key person insurance, amongst other areas. All this is part of our continuing effort to create a better product and help businesses understand the potential risks surrounding their company. 

Another change is splitting the questionnaire into two separate sections, which you may have already noticed. Anyone can now take advantage of the free Business Risk Assessment, which identifies the risks related to your business entity or lack thereof. For those who want to continue on and identify their full risk, they can upgrade to the full ID your IP questionnaire to access the portions that address intellectual property. 

As a special bonus for those who try our Business Risk Assessment, they'll have the opportunity to upgrade to the full questionnaire for only $99.

That's practically free, give or take $99! With our questionnaire, you'll have all of your burning business questions answered in under half an hour. What's not to like about that? 

As always, we continually try to improve our product. If you have comments, questions, or complaints, feel free to email me at And let's keep those obscenities to a minimum (unless they're enthusiastic exclamations of love)!

Take the opportunity to see the new questions -- sign up for the free Business Risk Assessment now. Free Business Risk Assessment