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During our years of working with entrepreneurs, the idea of a Traklight stamp or score has been raised numerous times. While the reports are informative with detailed information on next steps, we all like a quick, single measure that tells us how we're doing. Since we relaunched the platform last spring, we have been working hard to create an easy-to-read visual representation of your business' planning and preparedness, as well as helping to lay out a road map to future success. We're proud to say that the Risk Chart now provides that road map, and we leveraged that to create the Traklight Assessment Grade (TAG).

What is TAG?

In keeping with the simple theme, TAG is one letter grade based on your Risk Chart as follows:

    A+ - Excellent
    A  - Ready
    B  - Almost
    C  - Improving
    D  - Needs work
    F  - Needs much work

For those over-achievers, you can attain an A+; however, you have to have started with a business entity and then hit the mark with all Green on the Risk Chart . If anyone achieves that, we have a complimentary Practice Safe Crowdfunding tshirt for you!

It's all relative.

What does this score mean? We have created a (secret) scoring system based on your answers to the questions and their impact on the Risk Chart that determines your letter grade. It is not a score for simply having the most intellectual property (that is the IP Diagnostic Chart). And the IP you do have is only valuable if you protect it! If your initial grade is not quite what you want it to be, remember that you can (and should) take steps to improve it. While we don't offer extra credit, following the advice provided in our reports will have you on your way to the top of the class.

We have launched this as a beta and are looking for any feedback you may have on TAG. Feel free to direct any comments you have to  Also, on the off chance you receive a TAG of ?, please email and we will resolve the issue!

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