Guy Kawasaki was not only inspiring but funny. He politely asked if Microsoft was a sponsor and if Hubspot ever wanted them to sponsor the event and then trashed the ugly black PCs. (Sorry to all the Trakers with PCs instead of Macs!) Guy Kawasaki INBOUND 2014

The top ten lessons from Steve Jobs to Guy were as follows:

  1. “Experts” are clueless
  2. Customers cannot tell you what you need
  3. Jump to the next curve
  4. Challenge big
  5. Design counts
  6. Use big graphics and big fonts
  7. Change your mind
  8. Value is not equal to price
  9. A players hire A+ players
  10. Marketing = unique value

Bonus tip – Some things need to be believed to be seen. 

My top 3 were:

  • Change your mind – it’s okay to do change course, products, markets, and so on. You are not wrong, it’s just a change.
  • Hire A+ players or always someone better than you. Otherwise it’s a downward spiral. 
  • And the cool chart (top right of this post) = all you need to know about marketing is to be in the top right hand corner with high uniqueness and high value.

#inbound14 is off to a great start!

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