Previously in our Traklight Trakers series, we introduced to you Maddie Gildenberg. Today's feature is Chris. At his first monthly Traker meeting, Chris proved his Traker committment when he recited our cultural values off-the-cuff. Kudos!

Emily: What did you learn about IP before you started at Traklight?
Chris: This I can honestly answer very simply... NO. It was a concept that I knew existed, but beyond the whole FBI warnings at the beginning of most movies and music I knew nothing, and because of the field I'm in I feel I should have known more.

Chris Platt, Traklight's developer, rocking out on the drums!

E: What's something about you that would be a surprise to learn?
C:  I'm a pretty open book, so this one is a difficult question to answer, so don't get too excited. Before I worked at this job, I wore several hats as an employee for ASU's Parking and Transit department. If you went to ASU and got a parking ticket in the evening, it was probably me or one of my buddies who issued it to you. And you may have talked to me after you got that ticket, because I was the guy who answered phones and took payment for the citations as well. Like I said... open book.

E: Any deep dark secrets that are past statute of limitations?
C: I can't say that I have ever been arrested, or charged with a felony, but I have been pat down by a cop before. It was after a halloween party that I was leaving... and I wasn't even dressed up. The neighbors of the people throwing the party got angry, and called the cops saying there was a suspicious vehicle outside. Yours truly was sitting in a "tricked out" white 97 Geo Metro (real suspicious) waiting for my twin, who was dressed up as a ghost, to grab his phone, which he had left in the party. long story short I got the pat down and a great moral... If your brother forgets his phone... leave him.

E: If you were alone in the car by yourself, what song would you sing and why?
Sail Away, by Styx because of the awesome guitar solo and amazing vocals...BOOM! Mic Drop!

E: Anything else you'd like to share?
C: I moved from Northern California to the Phoenix area about two years ago to attend school at Arizona State University, with hopes to get my bachelors degree in Computer Science. I've been programming for 8 years. I have two associates degrees in computer science one with a concentration in computer programming and the other with a concentration in management information systems. I know well over 15 different languages and tutored programming to college students at my previous school. While I'm not sitting at a computer thinking about algorithms and fun stuff like that, I play music ( guitar, bass, or drums ) and hang with friends and family. I have four brothers and sisters, one of which is a twin, and we are identical according to him... don't tell him...but I don't see it :P.

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