Previously in our Traklight Trakers Series, we introduced you to one of our Administrative Interns, Erik Kuper. Today's feature is our other intern, Eric.

Eric-Gilmore-Traklight-Intern-Intellectual-PropertyEric was born in Plano, Texas, a city just north of the Big-D. Hardly calling himself a Texan as he only lived in the Lone Star State for several months, Eric has more claim to the title of “Arizonan,” having spent most of his life living in the farmlands of Gilbert, AZ.

Growing up, Eric’s family and friends were avid campers; weekends were often spent in the northern parts of Arizona relaxing in the cooler weather and roasting s’more’s over campfires. As if he could not get enough off the outdoors, Eric joined a Boy Scout troop along with his younger brother. They both progressed their way up through the ranks, ending with the rank of Eagle Scout. Although much busier now in his college years, Eric still goes out for the occasional Camelback Mountain hike and is hoping to start exploring the great outdoors through other avenues such as kayaking.

Emily: What did you learn about IP before you started at Traklight?
Eric: Before I started at Traklight, I learned about intellectual property from a legal and ethical studies class that I had to take at ASU. I never knew though how crucial it was to protect until I started working at Traklight. Keeping your intellectual property safe is a big deal!

Emily: What's something about you that would be a surprise to learn?
Eric: I once wanted to be a doctor but decided against it as I almost fainted at the sight of blood when I was working in a hospital.

Emily: Any deep dark secrets that are past statute of limitations?
Eric: In my rebellious teenager days, I would go out with my friends and decorate people’s homes with toilet paper—otherwise known as “teepeeing.” ☺

Emily: If you were alone in the car by yourself, what song would you sing and why?
Eric: Easy. Taylor Swifts “You Belong With Me.” It’s catchy and fun to sing along to! ☺

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