Modern lawyers making quality content marketingTraklight has always tried to demysify the legal space for consumers' benefit, especially when it comes intangible assets and intellectual property. It's even better when lawyers do the same and truly understand their clients' needs.

Yesterday may have been Mother's Day, but today we applaud you modern lawyers making make quality content! 

Here are our 3 current favorites who are making high quality content:

a) Legally Sound | Smart Biz

Can you believe that at the time of this writing, Pasha Law has recorded over 180 podcasts? That is a lot of work, but solidifies credibility. Amazing job making sense of business news' legal implications.

b) Aiden H. Kramer's Youtube Videos 

If you read Aiden's video comments, many of them express thanks for the information and say they know who they'll call when they need a lawyer. See, marketing as a lawyer doesn't have to be hard -- just sincere and information-rich, as Aiden has clearly done well.

c) Andrew Lahser's How Conceptual Blog

This blog explains all there is to using the ™ and ® symbols. Plus, we have to comment that the blog is simply visually pleasing. Surely his clients are thrilled to have this information available to them, as well as many future clients who have stumbled upon the blog.

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