Traklight Store Basic Free VaultThe Christmas season is a time when we become enamored with new things. I mean, sure, the season is about love and family and giving and some other stuff, but getting new things is pretty great too. Whether it's the hot new toy as a kid or the coolest gadget as you get older, who doesn't love getting something new under the tree? Fittingly enough, Traklight has something brand new for you just in time for the holiday, and you don't even have to unwrap it.

We are rolling out our new eCommerce system this week, and while we may be biased, we think it's pretty exciting. Our new eCommerce system has made a number of improvements upon its predecessor.

For starters, you can find all of our products in one convenient store.

Conveniently divided into two sections, you can choose between the ID your IP® Bundle and the different Vaults for purchase. For each Vault, you have your choice of plans: pay for a 30-day subscription, or choose one of the yearly options. And for those looking to start small, our Basic Vault is now free for members. If you're already a vault customer and looking to renew, simply choose the plan you want and you'll get another 365 days of access added to your existing vault.

Perhaps most importantly, the entire purchase process has been simplified. It's no longer necessary to create an account before you decide to buy (though you will need to create one as part of the purchase process). You'll see all the products in one place, with a convenient chart to help you decide which Vault is right for you. It's never been easier for you to purchase one of our products.

Click below to go straight to the store and select your preferred product or bundle.

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