Previously on our Taking the Scary Out of Startup series, we talked about solving real problems.

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Char, one of our Trakers, once described a fellow Traker as  “loyal to the soil.” That saying is now part of our culture and as we grow our team, we look for people who fit that description.

The concept of “loyal to the soil” means that you are firmly entrenched in the company and its roots. Putting the customer and company above your own needs is also part of this concept. Since I frequently travel for Traklight, it is a relief knowing that the best interests of our customers are in good hands.

We’ve all heard about the weakest link theory (i.e., the group is only as strong as the weakest team member), but we’ve taken a different approach with Traklight. We all recognize that we have a blindspot or two; the trick is to stay in your lane, or area of expertise. Additionally, everyone is encouraged to put up a hand when help is needed.

As we grow, we have had to put in processes and are developing a playbook to deal with team member absences. The dedication of the team to make our Traklight approach scaleable and true to our values is part of the loyalty.

As you grow your startup, make sure you have a shared understanding of your version of “loyal to the soil’ in place. It’s not about background, experience, or age–the best team members are those who roll with it, are open to all opportunities, and care deeply about your company.

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