Previously on our Taking the Scary Out of Startup series, we discussed how your team is key to the success of your business.

relationships_matterRelationships Matter

“How do you know this person?” is a question that I am often asked. Sometimes, it takes about twelve degrees of separation to trace back to the original connection. More often than not, this triggers a great memory of how I met the people along the way and the wonderful business relationships that have been fostered.

We can trace every great thing that has happened to Traklight back to a connection or relationship where we did not lead with an ask. And the best examples are where we were helping people with zero expectation of anything in return.

The power of the network is everything and nurturing relationships are ingrained in Traklight. We are not transactional–and that may mean that some sales and partnerships take longer to complete–but ultimately it is about the overall value not the quick dollar.

“You have never lived until you have done something for someone that cannot repay you.” This quote was sent to me by our Ashley Hoekstra in a picture of a signboard on the highway. Our blog, webinars, and other freely shared knowledge is our way of putting our IP knowledge out there for anyone. Plus, we never hesitate to make connections that can help entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Relationships are not about what can be gained but rather they are about what can be shared or given. We never lead with "the ask". I was recently reminded of this way of thinking by an email exchange with another company CEO. I had reached out concerning potential partnership and requested an introductory call. Instead I received a link for us to put on our site for their site in an email and he did not wish to talk to me. That link has not gone up.

Do not hoard your connections and knowledge. I am a firm believer in pay it forward and I never look back or keep count of favors. Do good and you will do well. #onwards.

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