Previously on our Taking the Scary Out of Startup series, we discussed why relationships matter to the success of your startup.

content_is_kingContent is king

When I toiled as an auditor, accountant, or CFO, the expression was cash is king. After spending hours writing articles on intellectual property (IP before Traklight ever launched its software, I realized that this content is the new currency. This is all before I even knew about the concept of inbound marketing from our friends at HubSpot.

Blogging, speaking, and creating great content is paramount to developing a presence or thought leadership role. When you start up, even before you have your product, get out there and talk to potential customers. Interview potential users and beta users–tell their stories and educate people about your problem. Do not sell! 

When we talk about crowdfunding and best practices, we cannot stress enough that creating a great video and compelling campaign is extremely important. This content needs to be paired with pre-planning and priming the campaign with press, blogs, and social media to ensure success.

Look for potential blog swaps–offer to write on your area and reciprocate by posting guest blogs on your site. And it goes without saying that if you have a website, you should have a blog and write regularly.

If you do not believe us, check out the blog on our plummeting stats in early April 2014. We learned first hand how much your traffic drops without a daily blog or any social media! 

As a startup, no matter what industry, there is just so much noise. To improve visibility and trust, become an expert (more on that next week) and create solid content.

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