Previously on our Taking the Scary Out of Startup series, we discussed how important content is to building your business; after all, content is king.


Become an Expert

No one wants to consciously purchase from a second best or third tier company! You need to step up your game in order to dominate as a thought leader.

Why care?

When I was first told to become as an expert in my area, I laughed it off and actually thought that it would be completely ridiculous to be an intellectual property (IP) expert. I’m not even a practicing attorney! Yet, only having a law degree has actually helped me because I carved out an expert niche translating legal concepts into stories and lessons learned for entrepreneurs. You need to find your niche...

If you are passionate about something, willing to do the hard work, and want to help others with your knowledge, you can be that "go-to-person" in your subject area. When I hear IP related horror stories or tales of missteps taken, I ask questions so that I can understand the legal pain point and relate that to the challenge for inventors and small businesses.

Being the expert brings you credibility which ultimately translates into sales. People buy from people they look up to or trust. 

Pay it forward

The motto "Pay it forward" is at the heart of inbound marketing. Speaking, writing, and spreading the word on your expertise or industry should NOT to be confused with selling.

We often offer people guest spots on our blog and I have been surprised a couple of times by the aggressive sales approach sometimes taken by these authors. We ask guests to tone it down and focus on educating or raising awareness in their area of expertise.

One great piece of advice that I received early on was, "Do good and you will do well.” I think formatting your blogs and writing with a view to help others will leave the correct lasting impression. #onwards

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