BooksBusinesses are able to learn and grow through a shared knowledge. None of us walk into a job and know how everything operates, either at that company or in the industry. We're relying on the knowledge of others who have gone before us to educate ourselves, as well as the know-how of our current co-workers. And new people can add to this knowledge in their own way, often bringing new ideas or fresh perspectives to old problems or methods. There's a saying that goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together," and something similar could be said for gaining knowledge.

It is that need for collaboration that makes knowledge management so important. Without an effective way to manage our notes, drawings, or calculations, all of this knowledge would walk out the door with the person who originally crafted it. Sharing that knowledge allows for employees and contractors to fill in the gaps in their own knowledge with what others have documented, and enables them to add to the discourse with their own thoughts and ideas. While there are certainly notable exceptions, many of the great projects and inventions have been the work of teams ranging from two or three individuals to hundreds, working together to so that their collective wisdom, experience, and ingenuity create the best ideas possible.

Traklight's IP Vault allows you to manage and share your knowledge with others so that your company can develop as an innovator. With the Vault, you can organize all of your important documents in files that are accessible anywhere, and with the Silver Vault, you'll be able to share access with anyone. That means your team can use it to share documents from across the country or around the world, and still keep them stored securely. And with our permissions and sensitivity levels, you can control what others are able to see and access in your vault, keeping your most sensitive information for your eyes only. With the ever-present concerns about the security of our personal information, it only makes sense to protect your business' information as well as future.

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