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FORBES Update: Build It and They May Not Come

In this installment of our lessons learned series (co-authored by me and Traklight’s Mike Willee), we move from funding challenges to getting your product or service to market. You start a business with the aim of creating a product or service to offer to consumers or businesses. You spend time and resources developing this product along with a website to showcase your creation. But when you unveil your new business for the world to see, you’re met with indifference.  While it’s probably unreasonable to expect that customers would be beating down your door from day one, you expected at least a few curious souls to check out what you have to offer. Such can be the frustration that comes when you neglect to build your brand before your launch.

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Don’t Risk it All! Tips for Maximizing Value

skyscraper-1031581_1280.jpgNo small or medium-sized business owner ever got up and said, "Today is the day that I am going to identify my risks and do an inventory of my intellectual property to maximize my value." It takes an event – a visit to a lawyer, a plan to fund retirement by selling your business, or at worse, a cease and desist letter.

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3 Mistakes Business Owners Need To Avoid

As a business owner, innovator, and someone looking to grow, you appreciate mistakes happen from time-to-time. It comes with the territory of pushing boundaries and doing what the vast majority don’t, but that isn’t to say you can’t transform even your biggest business mistake into your greatest success yet.

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Webinar Follow-up: Why You Should Care About Your IP, Part 1

Thank you again to SCORE for hosting me for "IP 101: Why You Should Care About Your IP". The response was literally overwhelming!  We had over six hundred webinar registrants and more than two hundred people attended live – you can listen here.  At the end, there were about fifty unanswered questions.  I have selected five categories that encompass a dozen questions, representing the various themes, that I'll answer over two posts. 

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Startup Intellectual Property Mistakes

For small businesses that are just getting started, intellectual property (IP) is their most valuable asset. If your company has created a unique product, technology, or service, protecting the intellectual property you have developed is key to your success. Both the company's founders and investors must ensure all IP is first identified and then protected through agreements and registration, while also avoiding infringing on the intellectual property of third parties.

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Addressing Risk in Your Business

Most of us don't like to consider it, but risk is a fact of life. We take chances every day, some greater than others. None of us know what the future holds, and that can be a frightening thought. But consciously or not, we all find ways to try and mitigate that risk. We lock our cars and homes. We drive within a reasonable range of the speed limit. We exercise and visit the doctor to try to stave off illness. And yet none of these things can completely prevent us from falling victim to unfortunate circumstances   Part of life is learning how to live with risk, and the same can be applied to the business world.

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Intellectual Property Protection for Small Businesses

If you have a small business, you might think that your assets are limited to what you have on hand. But the reality is that you haven’t considerable intangible assets tied up in your business that you haven’t considered. If your business is just getting started, the overwhelming majority of your company’s value comes from your intellectual property (IP). But despite their importance, most small businesses don’t do enough to protect their IP because they don’t know enough about it. Here are a few basics to help you get started.

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How to Avoid Business Risk, Part 1

It’s easy for entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed by the inordinate number of things that they have to do in a given day. It’s hard to find time for the little things, especially when you want to jump right in to big-picture tasks like product development or selling what you’ve created on the market. Often times, the seemingly minor details are lest to another day, as you tell yourself you’ll handle them once you have things under control. But these seemingly minor details, if left unattended, can pose a serious risk that could undermine your work in other areas. Here are ten ways you can address those risks before they overwhelm your business.

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What You Don't Know About Business Formation

Small businesses and startups are often unaware of their blind spots when it comes to early stage business decisions. Putting it simply, many don’t know what they don’t know. Here are three key areas that every small business should address when getting your venture off the ground to avoid a crisis down the road.

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Tips for Running Your Small Business

As a small business, you have to approach things differently than larger companies in your field. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a disadvantage. While big businesses have considerable resources to draw from for projects, they can also be the victim of an entrenched mindset that can prevent new and innovative thinking. Here are some ways that small businesses can succeed at winning an unfair game.

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IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 10

Welcome back to the last installment of our "IP 101" series. It has been a unique pleasure to tackle these questions, and hopefully informative for those who have read them. Let's get into the final questions.

Can you have IP if you sell an existing product but marketing it differently than seen in the media?

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IP 101: Your Questions Answered, Part 7

Welcome back to our now long-running series "IP 101". In this edition, we'll run through a few more of the best questions we've received about intellectual property and your business.

Instead of a contract, can we just put the licensing/branding/copy right protection language in an email as the job may be small?

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