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Led Zeppelin Faces Copyright Challenge Over Stairway to Heaven

Led Zeppelin is considered to be one of the most iconic bands of all time, selling millions of albums and influencing a generation of fans and fellow musicians alike. Growing up, there wasn’t a year that went by without my father finding occasion to tell the tale of racing to the record store to buy Physical Graffiti in 1975, or seeing the “mighty Zep” at the Pontiac Silverdome on their legendary 1977 tour. Their most-famous song, “Stairway to Heaven,” has become a staple of both rock radio and guitar stores. But a comparison of “Stairway” to another work by Led Zeppelin’s one-time tourmates has some questioning if indeed the song remains the same.

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Taking the Scary Out of Startup: Why Startups Succeed, Part 4

We spoke last week on why you should identify & protect your IP. As we continue our Taking the Scary Out of Startup Series, we will talk today a bit more on culture. Traklight has a stated set of core values that we reference frequently. We start our monthly team meetings with a culture share. This practice comes out of the mining industry where our CFO works, at which most meetings are started with a safety share – a team member shares a lesson learned or best practice.

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Baseball Shuts Down Podcasts Over Trademark Infringement

One of the thrills of following baseball in the modern day is the ability to follow your team’s every move, day in and day out, through a variety of media. But for a number of fans, their options have just decreased by one. Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) has requested that iTunes remove a number of baseball-related podcasts from iTunes, a request which was fulfilled with all the speed and vigor of a Yasiel Puig bat flip. MLBAM cited trademark infringement as the reason for the move in the letter it sent to Apple, which has subsequently been published by NBC Sports’ Hardball Talk:

“As we have done in the past, yesterday we notified Apple about certain podcasts on the iTunes Store whose titles and/or thumbnails include infringing uses of trademarks of Major League Baseball and certain Clubs. And, as we have done in the past, we asked Apple to have these trademarks removed from the podcast titles and thumbnails. Although we did not ask for or seek to have any podcast removed from the Store, it has come to our attention that Apple removed them. Given our many years of experience in notifying Apple about trademark issues on the Store, we trust that removing the podcasts was an oversight, and ask that you please look into this matter as soon as possible.

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Advisory Board Series: Dan Tyre

Dan Tyre is a tireless member of our Advisory Board, and always willing to give 30 minutes of his valuable time when our CEO or COO need some guiding advice. We met Dan late one Friday afternoon in our offices last year – luckily we were still hard at work! Who knew that Hubspot Employee #6 was walking the halls and would be willing to sit on our Advisory Board?

So many connections and leads are tied back to Dan's introductions or ideas, and his support always seems to come at the right moment. Mary met with Dan recently in Boston, and over dinner, popped these questions on him…to which he was happy to answer!

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3 30-day Hubspot Blog Challenge Challenges Overcome

We all recognize the writer in movies who just can't seem to find the words. Sitting at their typewriter, composing a love note and spilling their undying love, ripping page after page from the typewriter in increased frustration. Or the poet turned rockstar looking to compose their next big lyrical riff, burning both ends of the candle night after night to come up with a million dollar chorus.

When it comes to blog writing, many can appreciate the anxiety that it causes and the series of questions that follow when asked to contribute content to, say, a company blog. "What if no one reads what I write? What if no one understands my point? How can I possibly write a blog - I'm a terrible writer!"

I'm happy to share that our Traker team truly rallied together to contribute content for me to regularly post. That being said, I wanted to share our top three take aways, and also help you increase your blogging frequency as well with some tips and tricks. Of course, as always, be sure the content you're sharing is yours, or is cited properly. IP infringement is a big deal and not something to trifle with (I mention this to remind you to never share  without consent).

So what did our Trakers learn in creating regular content? And how can you apply these lessons with your company? . . . 

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Why Stay? Life at a Startup

I often wonder why people would choose to stay and work at a startup when they have a choice; when I talk about “people” I talk about the keepers who you definitely know are good and could go and find something to do somewhere else and in virtually all cases, for more money.  So then why would people choose to stay and voluntarily step up to the wall, take their honored position side by side with each of their associates, and day in, day out, pound their head against the wall?

I had to give this some thought. I had to relate back to my direct experiences not only in my personal career but those at Traklight as well. I needed to understand. What follows are my personal observations on how the keepers in a startup are the necessary life blood of your company. Hopefully, this reflection is also helpful in defining the culture of your startup as well.

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Step-by-Step Crowdfunding: How to Turn Any Project into a Smashing Success

This is a guest blog written by Michael Ibberson, a writer based out of Toronto, Ontario. He covers the most up to date news and information in regards to crowdfunding for the CrowdClan blog.

It goes without saying that crowdfunding offers an amazing opportunity for innovators, entrepreneurs, and artists to raise funds for a project online. With that said, crowdfunding is by no means free money; in order to be successful, a lot of work must go into the campaign. For those interested in crowdfunding but have no idea where to begin, this is the post for you!

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A Few of Our Favorite FREE Resources to Help You Avoid IP Infringement

If you’re in charge of composing boat loads of content on a regular basis, you understand the stress of coming up with content that is original and your own to avoid infringing on other’s copywritten or trademarked materials. As someone who has the responsibility to share new content amongst our social media platforms, blog, etc., I can empathize with you! The temptation of simply copying and pasting an image from a quick Google image search into your blog to spice it up, or the allure of using someone else’s music as a part of your grand idea to come up with a viral video campaign, can be frighteningly easy.

I’m here to tell you – don’t do it! You have more than a handful of available resources at your disposal, but these well kept secrets can be hard to come by.  That being said, I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you! Enjoy!

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3 Common Copyright Mistakes Creatives & Freelancers Make

This is a guest blog by Kunvay blogger Christine Varad, an attorney and artist who helps educate creatives, freelancers and their clients navigate copyright and intellectual property. She has a long standing interest in intellectual property law and promoting the rights and interests of writers and visual and performing artists.

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Meet Char, Our Copy Czar

Char sent me an email one day with some incredible website links to share on social media with a follow up statement: "Now that I've done some solid IP Internet fodder researching, I thought I'd take a crack at a blog post..." And that was that. No questions asked, she just wrote a blog post titled "Four Startup Must-Haves That Relate to IP" - of which you must read, because it is a GREAT post! So I thought it would be appropriate to next introduce to you Char, Traklight's Copy Czar...


What I learned about IP before I started at Traklight?

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Bench Strength

We recently had a discussion in an attempt to clarify when a startup transitions to becoming a young company. Our amazing Evangelist Michael Witham did some research and found no cut and dried definition. Based on my day yesterday, I believe it is when you have something I would call “bench strength.”

Trace back to Monday morning. I was on a call with a potential business partner when I found out my red-eye to Boston was cancelled. So much for my planned schedule; I had a full day of meetings in Phoenix, a full day of meetings in Boston, and a flight sandwiched in the middle.

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Traker BBQ

We recently got the Traklight team together for a Traker BBQ to celebrate all our hard work over the past year. Unfortunately, not all of our Trakers could make it, as we have a couple in some far away places (specifically Montana and Pennsylvania). So in an effort to try to include everyone, Becky (our Montana Traker) graciously shared her infamous Spinach and Artichoke Dip - the recipe for which she agreed to share with all of you. Mind you, this is her intellectual property (based off a CPK recipe). ;)

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Wheels on the Bus

I really could not resist the title. You probably thought it would be about kids on a bus rolling down the road and signing a song. This is all about who you let on your bus and how you work with them when they are on the bus. Your company culture, not to mention performance, will be defined and molded by how you do both.

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Meet Jill, our COO...

It’s been said many a time that Jill’s energy is the life of the office. Well, maybe it hasn’t been explicitly stated that way, but I can assure you everyone would agree with that sentiment. Her passion for IP is contagious, and her stellar leadership of our Traker team is undeniable. So here's a few fun facts about Jill:


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