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Mary Juetten Talks with Tom Martin on LawDroid Podcast

No stranger to podcasts herself, our own Mary Juetten sat down with Lawdroid Founder and CEO for a wide-ranging interview. The conversation touched on her life, career and education before legal tech and the lessons and influences she took from each and the path that brought her to the law and legal tech. They also discuss the founding of Traklight and the growth of legal tech since its founding, the "accidental business" of Evolve Law and its unexpected growth and unintended benefits, her work as a lawyer for Nimbus Legal and Juetten Law, juggling different ventures, legal education, plans for the future, and so much more.

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Darwin Challenge: Defending Technology Adoption

rohit-tandon-411851.jpgOur first event of 2018 was the Darwin Challenge: Defending Technology Adoption,  hosted by Evolve Law and Above the Law and sponsored Wolters Kluwer, Integra Ledger, and VortexLegal. The Darwin Challenge provided a new twist on our old Darwin Talk format - instead of merely presenting their ideas, presenters would have to answer questions on their suggested pitch for legal tech.   Our challenge was moderated by Elie Mystal, Executive Editor of Above the Law, and innovators were made to defend their arguments to our expert panel, featuring Above the Law Tech Editor Joe Patrice, Wolters Kluwer VP Legal Markets, Innovation Dean Sonderegger, and Davis Wright Tremaine DeNovo Team Surge Specialist Ginni Chen.

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In House Tech-Savvy Counsel

Our final event of the spring season was again covering the topic of the tech savvy in-house lawyer, this time in New York. The panel offered a variety of experiences working in or with in-house legal departments for companies of differing sizes and in different fields.

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Tech Savvy In-House Legal

We were in Toronto for our latest Tech Savvy In-House Legal event, kindly hosted by the good people of McCarthy Tetrault. Toronto has a vibrant legal technology scene, so it was an exciting opportunity to discuss the role that legal tech, and technology in general, is playing in the lives of the general counsel and in-house legal departments, and how that will continue to grow and change moving forward.

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Tech Savvy In-House Counsel

We were back in Los Angeles on February 22nd for another great legal tech event, hosted by Dentons. We had a great panel who had a lot of interesting ideas about the future of technology in law, and how tech is changing the role of the in-house counsel.  Technology is an inexorable part of everyday life, and as such attorneys need to be familiar with it in order to not only address the emerging legal issues that can arise from technology, but also to protect their clients' information. But there is that familiar tension between lawyers and technology as attorneys worry about machines one day replacing them. The role of attorneys continues to change and adapt as in-house counsel and in-house legal departments become more and more prevalent at big corporations. The interaction between business and legal serves as a positive to the case for the continued existence of the human lawyer, as human relationships and judgment can't be replicated or replaced by machines.

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Traklight and Evolve Law?

I presented last month at Davis Wright Tremaine’s first Women’s Entrepreneurial Bootcamp and as I was explaining Evolve Law, I was asked how my investors let me start a second company. That brought up some interesting thoughts for me that I did not have time to address on the fundraising panel.

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