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LOT Network to Protect Intellectual Property Against Patent Trolls

Patent trolls have long been a scourge to innovators and entrepreneurs, using their claim on overly vague patents to pursue legal action against businesses with the intent of winning a settlement, while never actually attempting to use the patent to develop their own product. But now a cadre of tech companies has joined together in an effort to curb patent litigation and protect themselves from future trolling, save the type found in internet comment sections.

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How to Protect an Idea without a Patent

Many people who start a small business do so because they feel they have a truly unique idea. Many individuals just starting their small business may not have enough money to utilize the patent process. In some cases, it makes sense for a small business to try and sell their product without a patent. There are still cases where a person's idea can be protected without the patent process.

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Protecting Your IP: To Copyright or Patent? That Is the Question.

Time and time again, we've discussed that your intellectual property (IP) is an invaluable aspect of your business. As more and more tech startups gain prominence, a significant issue needs to be addressed regarding protecting your IP: should software be protected by copyright or patent? For years, companies believed that copyrighting software was the logical method to protect it from being imitated. Since then, it has become clear that copyrights have become a little more ambiguous when it comes to whether someone copied an idea from a piece of software.

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