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Potential Legal Issues Facing Startups

When you’re starting your business, it’s natural to want to focus on the things that you want to do and accomplish and put some of the more tedious chores to the back-burner. You are the innovator, the dreamer, and what creative wants to be bogged down with the nitty-gritty of paperwork and forms and contracts? But in ignoring these details at the outset of your business, you could be placing your company’s long term future in jeopardy. Frequently, it isn’t the obvious threat that seems to be staring us in the face that does a business in, but a seemingly inconsequential oversight that can spell doom for a company. Here are some areas to pay attention to early, before they grow into larger problems.

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Get Organized in the New Year

The new year is an opportunity for a fresh start, both personally and professionally. The turning over of the calendar is as good an opportunity as any to try and ditch poor habits and implement positive ones. For many of us, that means trying to get organized. With as much as life throws at us, it's easy to let things fall as they may as we try to stay sane over the course of a calendar year. But with some good habits maintained over time, it's possible for both you and your business to get and stay organized.

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The Importance of Knowledge Management

Businesses are able to learn and grow through a shared knowledge. None of us walk into a job and know how everything operates, either at that company or in the industry. We're relying on the knowledge of others who have gone before us to educate ourselves, as well as the know-how of our current co-workers. And new people can add to this knowledge in their own way, often bringing new ideas or fresh perspectives to old problems or methods. There's a saying that goes, "If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together," and something similar could be said for gaining knowledge.

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Tackling Security for your Law Firm

At our recent Evolve Law event in Austin, the topic of cybersecurity at law firms was raised, as more and more attorneys have to consider the security of the sensitive client information they are charged with. While no security is absolute, LawPay has laid out relatively simple steps that any firm can take to make sure that their security measures are up to par; be sure to give the full articles (linked below) a read for more in-depth advice.

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