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Does Article 17 Do More Harm Than Good?

If there is anything that has been learned over the past few years of observing the portion of the internet wherein regular folks interact with one another, it’s that moderation and monitoring are hard but necessary chores incumbent upon the platforms that to this point have wanted all of the perks of an enormous user base with with a minimal amount of the responsibility. Hand-in-hand with questions about speech have come concerns about copyright, which as a statutory measure has served as no deterrent at all; if people know about copyright, they often simply don’t care. 

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Find Twenty to Delight, Not Two Hundred to Spam

There are many parallels between growing your law practice and building a great company with respect to social media. The notion of delighting a small number of customers or clients versus mass marketing to thousands was a theme during our expert panel in Seattle last week on Social Media for Attorneys. Quality wins over quantity.

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