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Traklight Tech Talks: IP Vault Enhancements, Part 2

Every month, Shay discusses some of the technical changes to our site in his Traklight Tech Talks blog. Last month he discussed the newest IP Vault enhancements. Today's update is part 2 on recent IP Vault enhancements. Be sure to stay updated with these updates by subscribing to our blog.

I can't believe it's already been a month. Expanding on the last IP Vault enhancement update here are some upcoming changes in our next version soon to be released:

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Copyrights in Technology: SoundCloud Equity Deal to License Music


SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform founded in 2007 by two Swedish artists, and has since gained over 250 million users. This German company initially started as a means for new artists to share their music, receive feedback, and communicate with their fans, but is expanding to include popular mainstream artists as well. It wants to become the YouTube of music, but unlike YouTube which can play music by major recording labels due to multiple licensing deals, SoundCloud has to take down such content. Although SoundCloud has a copyright do’s and don’ts list on its website and removes infringing content after providing Takedown Notices for copyright infringement, they do not want to have to provide such notices as they grow.

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IP Best Practices: Code of Conduct as a Means of IP Protection, Step 4

Previously in our Intellectual Property (IP) Best Practices series, we introduced step three to managing your IP: Manage. Please check back every Monday for the next step in this series.

A company is made up of its employees. They are the people that carry out the day-to-day affairs. While interacting with third parties with your intellectual property, it is important that all your employees know how much disclosure is safe, and when to get a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Prepare a code of conduct for all employees to follow so they do not inadvertently disclose or infringe IP.

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IP Best Practices: Managing Intellectual Property, Step 3

Previously in our Intellectual Property (IP) Best Practices series, we introduced step two to maximizing your IP: Protect. Please check back every Monday for the next step in this series.

People tend to forget about intellectual property (IP) after registering it once–a mistake that can cost dearly. As we discussed in our previous blog about protecting IP, the goals of startups or entrepreneurs can change over time, and as such the utility to be leveraged from your IP can change. Even if your goals do not change, some IP may require renewals or routine registrations and filings. Trademark infringement, for example, has to be policed by the owner; no government agency does it for you. Failing to do so may lead to loss of the trademark.

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Streamlining the Search Process for Trademark Registration

Trademarks are an essential way to protect your intellectual property (IP) so you can market your goods and services under your brand. However, if you have ever gone through the trademark registration process, you know the challenges in trying to find out whether the idea is already protected. Trademark applications are not cheap and the cost of refiling again and again is a wasted expense. To ensure the application is filed right the first time round, it can take up numerous resources and time that you may not have. Even then, you might miss information about a trademark that could eventually put you in danger of infringement.

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Traklight Tech Talks: IP Vault Enhancements

Every month, Shay discusses some of the technical changes to our site in his Traklight Tech Talks blog. Last month saw the introduction of iframes. And today is an update on our most recent website enhancements. Be sure to stay updated with these updates by subscribing to our blog.

Well, it's that time again; time for me to quit procrastinating and attempt to write a blog post. We are continuing with enhancements to our web application. Some upcoming, noteworthy changes are:

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Securing Intellectual Property? Commercialize Your IP to Gain Funding

We can't stress the importance of securing intellectual property (IP) enough. Securing satisfactory protection of a company’s or person's IP is an essential step in turning ideas into real business assets with a very real and usable market value. It is also the first step in deterring any potential infringements that may come your way. Surprisingly, there are even more benefits from securing your IP that may include access to new markets and the creation of a unique brand. But securing IP is not enough.

If you want to make the most of your IP and leverage everything you can get from it, it may behoove you to commercialize your IP. A huge hurdle for many small businesses is securing adequate funding to secure the IP, but commercialization of an invention is the next step–and often a whole new challenge. This is where entering a joint venture or other arrangements with third parties may seem appealing. It's even more tempting when you consider that only half of all startups survive the five year mark.

Startup funding usually comes from personal resources such as personal loans, friends, and family. Such funding sources are rarely, if ever, adequate for the development of a prototype that must be manufactured and sold–especially in such a short span of time. This is where commercialization comes in. Commercialization from a third party brings in funding that will help keep a business afloat and get the product made efficiently.

This shows that as you develop your own IP you have the incentives to protect and exploit it for yourself and your business's well-being. When you have the means to effectively manage your IP, you have the ability to commercialize your inventions. This also involves knowing how to license its know-how, marketing for creating a brand, and even as far as knowing how to develop other contractual arrangements such as sales of your product which can give you all those additional benefits we mentioned in the beginning. For now, know that those with expertise in securing protection can increase your startups valuation and help get funding through commercialization.

For more information on intellectual property check out Traklight's resources. Think you have intellectual property? Take our free quiz to assess your risk. 

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Samsung enters 10 year patent pacts with Cisco Systems and Google

Sue me once, shame on you; sue me twice, shame on me. After having been found guilty of patent infringement on more than one occasion in the recent past, Samsung has finally realized it needs a change in strategy. After shelling out a billion dollars to Apple and now being sued by Rockstar, an industry consortium, for infringing Nortel patents, Samsung has started to take preemptive measures. In the race for tech domination, it is very easy to step on other people’s toes as a lot of today’s technology is overlapping. Next thing you know, you’re slapped with a patent infringement suit and there goes a cool billion down the drain.

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Facebook and FiftyThree Square Off Over Commonplace Word “Paper”

On Tuesday January 30th, social media giant Facebook unveiled their highly anticipated news-reading app called "Paper.” The app is, in many ways, a new alternative user interface for Facebook itself. The first section within the app will be the user’s own Facebook newsfeed followed by themed sections with content on a variety of topics. Users will also be able to post their own stories. Many are touting "Paper" as the best Facebook app ever. There's just one problem: the name.

FiftyThree, a New York- and Seattle-based app maker, has claimed that they hold the rights to the name "Paper by FiftyThree." The app maker filed for trademark in May of 2012. According to a New York Times report, FiftyThree reached out to Facebook asking them to refrain from using the name "Paper" for their new app. However, according to FiftyThree chief executive Georg Petschnigg, Facebook apologized for not letting them know sooner and were moving forward with their launch. As a result, FiftyThree filed for a trademark on the name "Paper" on January 30th, the same day the new Facebook app launched.

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Some Business Patent Advice

Obtaining patents for your business can be an exciting process in protecting your intellectual property, but making money off of it in the immediate term is not typically achievable without undergoing a few particular business maneuvers, many of which tend to be loaded with risk. Regardless, that tends to be the nature of making money off intellectual property in a time when litigation over ownership rights has the potential to drain any money made.

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