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Where does patent law draw the line?

I love intellectual property. I study law so reading about the changing legal landscape over generations is of some interest to me. Studying the evolution of rights, from being afforded only to tangible objects, to their extension to include intangible assets, has been inspiring. But every once in a while you hear about the misuse of the system that just makes your blood boil. I was following such an episode. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending but it having to be a story at all bothers me.

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Dropbox Issues: Companies to Start Thinking More Seriously About Enforcing a Strict BYOD Policy

An ever-growing IT problem across the modern business landscape of today is the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon. Not so much the idea of BYOD itself, but the refusal of many employers to believe in its significance and the contribution to the workplace that it is capable of. A recent study conducted by shows that 60 percent of companies do not have a reasonable BYOD policy in place. What this means is that corporate security can become a large problem if employees are conducting company business on their own devices, and an effective security policy isn't properly safeguarding proprietary information. The single biggest security issue that results is from dropbox issues.

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Some companies are ignoring the risks of cloud storage

The biggest risks of cloud storage (especially public cloud), is that it is not secure. Cloud services are easy pickings for hackers whether they are pranksters or outright criminals. CIOs and IS departments know this and even though they preach the importance of security, they still keep important information in public cloud storage. It seems that the increased agility and conveniences of cloud computing outweighs its shortcomings, including security.

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The Real Cost of Cloud Storage

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The advent of cloud computing and storage has drastically changed the way companies store their data. It is not only cost effective but makes sharing information in the work place convenient. But now, sensitive data earlier secured in-house under strict supervision is ‘protected’ by third parties who store it on the internet. This raises major issues including theft of sensitive information, as well as whether the changing safety protocols affect trade secret status and subsequent protection afforded. For intellectual property to be considered a trade secret, it must be established that a company took reasonable steps to protect their information. By streamlining data sharing through cloud storage, employees can access sensitive information on the fly (whether in an office setting or not), diluting the amount of protection afforded to such information.

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Spotlight On PADT

Here at Traklight we like to pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clientele. Even though we can’t deliver on each and every need we sure can point you in the right direction. That is the focus of our Spotlight posts. We will regularly be spotlighting a stellar company from our IP Cloud and providing you the best and most affordable way to make your business a success. So don’t forget to regularly check in for updates or go to our IP Cloud to look around yourself!
Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies Inc. (PADT) is an Arizona based company that helps its’ clients deliver better product at less production cost in a shorter time period. In recent time the crowd-funding phenomenon has giving innovation a boost and everyone with a great idea can reap the rewards of their creation without having to be concerned about funding. But the issue this creates is that previously when innovators wanted funding they had to present business plans and cost and risk assessments, but now they do not. Without proper experience despite having a good product, and no one to guide them, the inventor ends up losing both money and reputation. There are so many stories regarding delayed or cancelled projects on Kickstarter® alone. 

PADT is in the business of helping companies large and small make innovation work for physical products. Through the application of simulation, product development, and prototyping, PADT works with inventors to solve tough engineering problems and take their ideas from concept to working products. They are probably best known by inventors for their wide ranging prototyping services. 
Lack of foresight in terms of development and product costs can lead a company to ruin. Unfulfilled orders, miscalculated profits and excessive delays in production all present a shoddy image of a company. But making mistakes are to be expected when doing something for the first time, as is the case with most fledgling start-ups. We understand experience is gained over time but the cold hard truth is that consumers rarely give second chances. 

One of PADT’s most popular programs, and rightfully so, is the ‘Product Development Assessment’ for start-ups. PADT’s experienced engineers will evaluate clients’ products and prepare reports that will cover everything from outline requirements, cost of material and manufacturing estimates to conceptual sketches and risk assessments. Innovators can rest easy because the people at PADT work with multinationals to start-ups and know that one size does not fit all. They tailor make assessments based on the clients’ needs and attainable goals. 

A concern a prospective innovator may have is whether PADT has any expertise in the field of their invention. A popular saying PADT engineers believe in is “Parts is parts”. The same set of skills used to design medical equipment come in handy while designing things as dissimilar as jewelry and toy packaging. The varieties of projects they handle are diverse and PADT engineers definitely have a way to analyze and make each and every product a homerun. But you don’t have to take our word for it; you can contact a lead engineer at PADT so you can discuss your needs and options available. Log on to their website to set up an appointment or check out our IP Cloud where they are listed. 
The official website of PADT is:

Want to learn more about crowdfunding? Check out the 'Practice Safe Crowdfunding' seminar.

When: Thursday June 13, 2013 from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM 
Where: Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation
275 N GateWay Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Cost: FREE!
How: Register here to attend or watch the event streaming live!
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Learning How to Protect your Intellectual Property From Facebook

Everyone knows who Mark Zuckerberg is; the billionaire entrepreneur who started Facebook, one of the most visited sites on the Internet. He is an inspiration to entrepreneurs all over the world who are looking to launch the next big thing, a regular Joe who started with nothing and got everything. Well, I guess that’s not completely true. He did get everything, but to say he started with nothing is far from the truth.

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Philip Alexander talks about Protecting Your IP- Intellectual Property

We are honored that data security expert Philip Alexander of Data Privacy Network reviewed Traklight’s products and wrote the following blog. So, you’ve got a great idea for an invention, and it could be the next "yo-yo" or "Frisbee". An idea that you’re hoping one day, will be a household item, something that would bring you both pride and wealth. With so much technology, ideas are stolen every day and the original inventor may not be given credit, or better yet compensation.

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TechSpeak coming to Phoenix

"The average business start-up goes through 3-4 developers at the start of their business." according to Nelly Yusupova (aka DigitalWoman), CTO of Webgrrls International, and creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs is kicking off TechSpeak Phoenix April 4-5., "Those mistake and missteps can cost the entrepreneur a fortune and wasted time to market." Scholarships are currently available for the TechSpeak Phoenix launch. Join your fellow business owners and empower yourself. Learn more about TechSpeak at TechSpeak and enter to win a scholarship here: Phoenix TechSpeak.

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