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Uber Fires Top Employee Amidst Google Lawsuit

Protecting your company's trade secrets and other intellectual property is vitally important, even more so when your company is one of the largest in the world. Top businesses don't stay on top for long if they allow their ideas and methods to walk out the door to competitors. And having a former employee take those ideas to one of the most noteworthy (for good or ill) companies in the U.S. is bound to make for turmoil and legal drama. 

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President Obama Signs Defend Trade Secrets Act

Trade secrets are a vitally important part of many businesses. While patents get a lot of love (and rightfully so), it's often the special something that trade secrets represent that can set a company apart. Companies take great measures to try and keep their trade secrets protected, but it's difficult to maintain absolute security over long periods of time; as much as businesses might forestall it, there's a chance that you may be a victim of IP theft. And to this point, trying to take legal action against trade secret theft has been difficult due to a lack of comprehensive federal law. But with a new measure passed into law, protecting those trade secrets in court should prove easier.

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Subcommittee Sends Trade Secrets Bill to Senate Floor

We here have often cited trade secrets as the "unsung heroes" of the intellectual property world. Trade secrets don't get the same attention or coverage as patents, trademarks, or copyrights. Much of that certainly has to do with the secret part of that - after all, it's difficult to praise and appreciate something that we don't know about with any degree of specificity. We know that Coca-Cola does something that makes their drink so popular, but because we can't say what exactly that is, we chalk it up to an ineffable quality that  we'll never know. But just because trade secrets are an unknown quantity doesn't make them any less important to businesses of all sizes. And a recent Senate bill may help those businesses keep those trade secrets safe. 

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